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Pahrump Mobile Home Park

 At Liberty Estates we are working and investing to be the best value and most affordable Pahrump mobile home park in Nevada. Our mission is to provide a no hassle and simple lot rental or home ownership program. We only charge the monthly rent agreed and provide electric bills at exact cost. Feel the freedom of knowing exactly what your rent will be without surprise fees or all the games we hear about.  Currently electric is 10.98 cents per KwH, and that is what is charged on the electric bills. We don’t upsell, but we have heard some parks charge up to 15 cents per KwH, so make sure you ask about this. We listen to our new and current tenants to make sure we provide better living standards and service than anyone in town.

Land is available by lease, home is available for sale, together as package. All the benefits of home ownership with reduced liability on well and septic through lease. Buyer must use approved financing such as 21st Mortgage with 5%-30% down, or cash purchase. 25% discount for cash buyers. Please use simple one page “buying from individual” loan application before asking for showing. Same day or one day approval. All terms negotiable. Down payment assistance available. Quick close available.

With our cheap electricity we make sure you don’t have to pay for expensive gas bills, since all our mobile homes provide efficient electric water heaters and electric heating. If for any reason you prefer gas, we recommend using Shoshone as your gas service provider. They are more than happy to install tanks at your discretion.

If you want pride of ownership we also offer simple ownership plans for our Pahrump mobile homes. Plans are simple and affordable ownership plans with pre-approved financing that no one will be denied for as long as you have your 5% down payment and a current source of income like a job or welfare. Once you are a proud owner lot rent is monthly based on lot size, etc. Now that is affordable living!

Our park has a wide range of tenants of all ages, and we do not restrict any age. We offer fair housing on all new applicants. We have a good location near the center of town and are well known as a drug free zone for safer living.

No hidden fees! No upcharges! Great management and never ending improvements! Pahrump info.

All tenants must have a verifiable source of income to afford lot rent and electric, and ALL new residents must pay first and last months rent and $50 electric deposit before moving in. For example if your lot rental price is $275 per month, you must have $275 x 2 + $50 = $600 cash or money order ready BEFORE moving in. We DO NOT make exceptions and can not provide assistance for the move in cost. We do accept help from churches and family members, or any method you choose to cover this cost.

If you already own a mobile home and plan on moving into an empty lot we can provide a recommendation for moving services like; full break-down, moving, and blocking/leveling. Prices can be quoted to qualified tenants, and we are able to handle single and double wide mobile home moving into our lots. We offer competitive pricing, and will match or beat any other offer you get for a comparable lot.

If you own a smaller trailer we also provide spacious trailer lots for only $250 per month. Total move in cost would be $250 x 2 + $50 = $550. Most RV Parks in Pahrump charge upwards of $475 per month with less space an amenities, so if you are looking to park your recreational vehicle, mobile home, camping trailer or travel trailer for a month or longer we have the best rates compared to all Pahrump RV parks. We also don’t require moving after 3 or 6 months. Stay for years if you like. The choice is yours.

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Our current financing ensures everyone that can afford rent can now own a home for less money per month. All you need is your 5% down payment.