Each taxpayer, Republican, Democrat, and Independent, loses since of Medicare waste and fraud. This should not be a celebration issue, we are all acquiring our pockets picked. The men and women we elect and send to Washington, for the most component, finish up contributing to the dilemma instead of trying to solve it. Why isn’t every single taxpayer outraged?

Think about just one particular aspect of waste, The Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement &amp Modernization Act of 2003.  The bill was written by lawyers with the pharmaceutical sector, introduced by Billy Tauzin, R-La, and pushed challenging by pharmaceutical lobbyists, utilizing trickery, bribes, and threats to get it approved, and in the finish passing it with just a two vote margin following days of arm twisting. Congressman Billy Tauzin got a sweetheart contract for life with the drug businesses, amounting to millions per year for getting the leader who pushed the bill through congress. The crucial provision of the law prohibits Medicare from making use of its getting power to negotiate reduce drug prices.  We, the taxpayers, are being ripped off by about $ 14 billion per year on this single item alone.  You can get the entire story on the net by going to 60 minutes, Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act.

In addition to the drug waste, there is unnecessary testing and surgeries. This exists even with our nearby hospital. For example, my wife lately had serious pains on her left side and leg.  She went to our nearby hospital and the nurses insisted that she have a number of tests ahead of she saw the physician, which includes a cat scan, a barium test and who knows what else? It took more than two hours. Finally, the doctor, soon after she explained the symptoms to him, touched the lymph node above her left leg and diagnosed the issue immediately as a swollen lymph node. Why didn’t the medical professional see her 1st and diagnose the problem without the hospital sticking us, the taxpayers, with all the charges for unnecessary tests?  Steven Brill, a journalist with Time Magazine, did an in depth investigation and located that every single health-related provider organization, specially non profit hospitals, pay exorbitant salaries to the chief of staff and his/her assistants, typically at least $ 1 million or far more per year to the chief alone, and typically the hospital loses money. Do not get me incorrect. I am glad we have a local hospital and the staff is outstanding. Just like clerks at stores, they don’t make the rules so I don’t blame them for the procedures.

Yet another pricey item to taxpayers is fraud. Medicare is paying for things and services that were never authorized, or not rendered at all.  What makes this fraud even worse is that it adds one more expense, obtaining police uncover and prosecute the thieves. It was recently reported that a organization was billing Medicare for scooters which have been not authorized.

Lastly, but possibly not least, is our tort method as it applies to Medicare. I have initial-hand understanding of a minor Medicare law- suit about 1998. An ENT physician, a buddy of mine, simply removed a prosthetic device, a tiny piston acting as an ear drum, from a patient with an infected ear. The patient sued him, even although she had no leg to stand on. At that time the price for the defendant  just to get prepared for the trial was about $ 25,000. Following I discussed the case with the lawyer for the defendant, my doctor friend, I advised him to tell the insurance coverage business to provide her $ five,000, due to the fact she actually had no case in my opinion. He provided it and she accepted. Undoubtedly several medical doctors charge and render services not essential to cover the expenses of malpractice insurance coverage.

One more waste is the expense for service billing. A lot of thousands of billing clerks operate full time just to bill Medicare. Also, a considerable amount of cash is spent by Medicare just to pay  the person bills.

In summary, the dilemma with Medicare costing so a lot is not ObamaCare, and ObamaCare without some revisions will not be the answer.  The charges to us as taxpayers is exorbitant, simply because we allow our elected representatives and certain news media to serve themselves although ignoring the truth and creating false propaganda to confuse and mislead the citizens.  Also a lot of are feeding at the trough. Correct now a single of the bogey guys is ObamaCare. If the politicians, the self-serving and specific news media can preserve the anger of citizens focused on the bogey man, producing a smoke screen, they will continue to rip us off with impunity. But there is an answer.

My individual wealth came about mostly because I didn’t acquire solutions or factors that have been not crucial to the operation of my enterprise.  I even got rid of a postage machine that I rented. I replaced it with a little hand-held device for $ 23, which held 100 stamps and dispensed and glued them by manually pressing down on the device.  We, the taxpayers, could save trillions over the years by overhauling our health-related delivery system. Let’s propose a technique that would function properly correct right here in Pahrump.

I don’t know how considerably waste there is in Pahrump on health-related care, but from knowledge, I know there is a considerable quantity. Let’s assume hypothetically that Medicare spends $ one hundred million per year for overall health care in Pahrump. Then, let’s assume that $ 30 million is spent on unnecessary procedures. Then assume $ five million in salaries for the chief and his/her assistants.  Then let’s assume $ 5 million for overpricing of drugs, malpractice and fraud. According to this, and this is illustrative only, there is $ 40 million charged to Medicare, which is a total waste. Here is how we could save millions in Pahrump alone. We basically have a health-related provider supply us with all required healthcare care for a flat price of  $ 60 million per year. The doctors and staff would be paid fixed salaries regardless of the number of surgeries, regardless of the number of tests and regardless of how long the sufferers stayed in the hospital. No funds would be spent on billing for patient solutions, simply because that would all be covered by the flat price. We now have 3 times the quantity of surgeries that England has. I wonder why?  There would be no economic incentive for hospitals or doctors to order unnecessary tests or surgeries. For malpractice we could eliminate  the courts and replace the program with a 3-person panel: an MD for the patient, an MD for the healthcare provider and an independent member of the panel who would have both a license for medicine and for law like perhaps Ms. Lord, right here in Pahrump, who I recognize has two such qualifications. Of course, a choice could have an appeal to a higher level.

I have presented an all round proposal. Many specifics would have to be worked out. The critical factor to bear in mind is that there is by far a better, far more effective, much significantly less costly and fair way to give us proper health-related care, but it won’t come about if we depend on our elected representatives to do the job. I came from the farm. Did you ever see a pig feeding at the trough becoming pushed away by a bigger pig? I in no way heard such loud screaming in all my life. Are we up to the task?  Are we prepared to cross celebration lines, ignore the politicians, specially these who are getting campaign contributions from beneficiaries? Rick Scott, governor of Florida, recently took the 5th over 100 times when charged with cheating Medicare.  That didn’t cease him from becoming elected as governor.

We would have to start and organize a citizens’ army for reform. We would need to have to get our personal lawyers and prepare for a long difficult battle. Do we have within us what our forefathers had? They overthrew a government with much less corruption than ours. Will we continue to be misled, confused and brainwashed? I wonder.

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