Waiting in line at local DMV’s might soon be a point of the previous

Las Vegas, NV — Fairly quickly, you may possibly not have to wait in line for hours at the DMV.

They’re in the method of putting in a new method that enables you to use your cell telephone to book an appointment and then show up when it’s your turn.


It must be up and operating right here in Southern Nevada in a few weeks, even though the DMV does not have an actual commence date however.


But they’re in the process of installing the system that basically is the virtual equivalent of “taking a quantity” from home.


The complete point is to make things much more practical for DMV customers.


Currently we have to show up at the DMV workplace, take a number and sit and wait for it to be known as, in order to see an individual at the counter.


With this system, you just use your cell phone to text or get in touch with the specific DMV ‘dash pass’ telephone number.


The final 4 digits of your cell are entered into the technique, and the DMV will get in touch with or text you with updates on your wait time. 


So that in the meantime, you can do other items like run errands or get a coffee.


This system has currently been set up in Reno and Carson city, exactly where they’ve been making use of dash pass for a handful of months.



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