Very excellent Samaritan

Late this afternoon, my husband drove to the LJ Marketplace on N. Blagg to obtain a handful of necessary products. Little did he know that when he replaced his wallet in his back pocket, it instantly fell via a hole in the  pocket.

I happened to be bathing our dog and noticed a automobile drive into our driveway. I told my husband there was someone unknown to me walking to the door. 

As it turned out, a extremely young Hispanic boy (I would guess him to be about 10 or 11 years old), and his parents took the time and effort to find our address and returned the wallet. There was a tiny over $ 100 in the wallet, as well as credit cards. When supplied a cash “thank you,” they refused.

I find it so enlightening to learn that parents are nevertheless teaching their young children right morals, integrity and respect. The young man could have taken the funds and thrown the wallet in the trash. He chose, rather, to tell his parents, and they chose to take the initiative to discover exactly where we live and return it.

We thank you so really considerably and wish to let you and all of Pahrump know what a great job you are performing raising your child.

Charles and Carol Eaton

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