Valley sledgehammer attack victims show up for preliminary hearing

Las Vegas, NV — Alleged sledgehammer attacker Damien Robins was in court on Wednesday for a preliminary hearing.

Nine witnesses took the stand, giving accounts of their dangerous encounters with the 32-year-old, who police say was high on meth when he went on a rampage spanning from Boulder City the Henderson.

The incident occurred in late-October.

Victim Nicole Thompson told the judge, “I was saying, ‘Please don’t do this. I do not want to die. I want to go home to my infant.'”

Thompson mentioned Robins smashed her car, before swinging at her hands and face, breaking many bones. She’s created a tremendous recovery, but it is not over.

“I still can not open my mouth all the way and then I nonetheless can not bend my finger all the way. Next week I have to get fat injected into my face and I have to do that 3 instances,” she added.

Robins’ case will now go to trial. He faces 18 charges like attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and battery.

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