Trout Canyon residents nevertheless waiting for water pipeline

Produced Sep. 6, 2013

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Las Vegas, NV — It is back to square a single for residents in Trout Canyon who have been with out operating water given that the Carpenter 1 fire.

It must have been flowing again by now but last weekend’s storms triggered yet another setback.

Trout Canyon residents were really at a meeting in Pahrump last week when a storm and the flooding it triggered washed away most of the 3-mile pipeline that crews had been functioning 7 days a week to restore.

Crews have been really organizing to disinfect the pipeline last weekend till the floods washed away massive sections of ground underneath the above-ground pipeline.

Some parts of the pipeline had been buried beneath five to seven feet of debris while other places had 10 foot deep trenches cut into the canyon.

A lot of residents had been searching forward to having operating water once more in their properties.

Local volunteer fire departments have been bringing up water tankers so that residents can shower in outdoor showers.

A lot of residents have also purchased above-ground water storage tanks to hold their personal water so they can use it for frequent household chores.


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