Trojans sports year in evaluation, by season

Posted on05 June 2013.


The initial year in Division 1-A has established to be a great year for the Trojans with a bountiful year that sent ten teams to the playoffs.

Fall Sports

In football, there were many questions that necessary to be answered about new coaching and new defensive and offensive schemes.

It was Joe Clayton’s first time as head coach. The young coach had lots of enthusiasm and new ideas. He introduced a version of the pistol offense to the Sunset League with mixed benefits.

The squad suffered some heavy disappointments in pre-season, losing all their games. In the end even though, they beat Clark and Western in league play, which was adequate to propel them into the playoffs for the very first time given that 2006.

The Trojans have been 2-3 in league and completed in fourth location.

In the playoffs they lost in the very first round to Moapa Valley, 65-. Regardless of the loss, Clayton has the town thinking of better instances in 2013. He had this to say on the year at the time.

“As a complete, I look at it as infant actions. Often it takes four to five years to get a system going, specially if you are taking over a losing team. From that standpoint, we have had the best season in seven years. We went to the playoffs. It is a wonderful start off from the coach’s point of view,” Clayton mentioned.

Moapa Valley went on to play Truckee for the 1-A Championship and lost 34-ten.

CROSS Nation

The girls and boys cross nation group have been both off and running to what looked to be a promising year. Coach Andy Andersen believed the boys group had enhanced immensely given that the previous year and if he just had a few more come out they would be just as excellent as the girls. The boys did not go to state.

The girls were running tough at the huge invitationals to start. It appeared as although they had been the group to beat at regionals. The Lady Trojans were flying high. After an invitational at Cheyenne towards the finish of the season, Andersen mentioned, “Because of the girls’ finish, they are now ranked 1st in the 1-A division.

“Stefanie Thelaner finished first, followed by Alex Terry and Jackie Sanchez took third.”

The bottom fell out just ahead of the group went to regional competitors, when Andersen produced a surprise announcement.

He resigned as coach and left for Connecticut stating he was leaving for household motives. The loss took the wind out of the sails for the girls team. They completed fourth at regionals and did not go to state. The group from Elko went on to take the state championship.


The Lady Trojans soccer team set out to repeat as state champions this year. For them it was a Cinderella year.

For the 1st time in a long time, the girls had to find out to drop with dignity.

Faith Lutheran beat the Trojans in the course of the last home game of the season. It would be the first loss in 24 games.

Trojans Coach Pam Larmouth said, “Being disappointed does not change something. My girls know what specifically went on for the duration of that game. They know what they did wrong and what they did proper. They are mad at themselves but it is an emotional game when it is the senior game.

“They have been crying 10 minutes before the game … We needed this. So for us, this may possibly advantage us because we will come out with an edge. We need to be more rapidly on the ball and so numerous players just had a negative game. Faith played an outstanding game.”

The Trojans loss nevertheless meant they have been league champions. They would lose once again to Faith Lutheran in the regional title game, two-. It would be their final loss of the season.

Faith played Elko and won in overtime, 1-.

Pahrump played South Lake Tahoe and decimated them, eight-3.

The girls faced off once more against Faith Lutheran for the fourth time in the season in the state final. They beat them, three- to complete their repeat state championship.


The boys soccer team beneath Coach Francisco Herrera grew in talent, but had also a lot of injuries to get previous seventh place. They finished league, three-10.

This year the boys will have another new coach, Don Boulden.

Western won the league title. SECTA was the Southern regional champion. They went on to beat Sparks for the boys state title.


Coach Julie Floyd came into the year with rebuilding in thoughts. She entered her 20th year as the girls golf coach.

To her surprise, two girls made it to state this year. Floyd had this to say: “The group picked up their clubs for eight weeks and correct at the end of the year they began acquiring good.”

The two surprise players have been Inah Cunanan, a senior, who completed at state with 98-117-215 and Jayde Woodworth, a sophomore, who completed at state with a 140-121-261. Cunanan finished 23 out of 44 golfers at state and Woodworth finished 35.

The 3 teams that set the bar this year had been Faith Lutheran, Clark and Tech. Faith took the state championship.


A young wrestling team created up of largely juniors and sophomores took to the mats this year. They had been led by the guts of sophomores Levi Gundacker and Jace and Jax Clayton.

The Trojans completed the year on leading of league and went undefeated.

At regionals, they completed third and sent seven matmen to state, the year before they had only sent one.

Trojans Coach Craig Rieger mentioned the Sunset League is filled with young wrestlers. He stated he spent a lot of hours scouting out the competition in the conference for subsequent year. He said at the finish of the year, “Of course, we are excited about this group also.

“When we went to final week’s divisionals, we have been scouting and acquiring familiar with these teams. This is the very first time back since ’08. state finals So subsequent year, I will be properly ready,” he stated. At state, the boys met the Lowry group who dominated the state and took the state title. The Trojans completed in tenth location knowing what they will have to do subsequent year to return.


The winter season was not kind to either basketball team.

The boys, under Coach Brian Hayes, finished 1-9 in league but went five-21 general. The boys failed to make the playoffs. Clark won the league at 10- and went to the regional finals and completed second to Desert Pines. Desert Pines went on to beat Clark for the state title.

The girls did not go to the playoffs, either.

Coach Jennifer Hagstrom’s team struggled on offense and defense.

They finished five-19 general and -ten in league.

The Lady Trojans finished at the bottom.

Faith Lutheran won the league and beat Boulder City for the regional title and went on to beat Spring Creek for the state title.


The boys of spring came out with new hopes following finishing badly final year in final location. Beneath new Coach Brian Hayes the boys finished third in league with a five-5 league record and a 14-16 all round record.

In baseball, pitching is every little thing. Hayes took a squad of new pitchers untested and untried to the playoffs. Hayes mended his pitching squad in the middle of the season after the loss of his ace pitcher, Chad Uyeno.

Hayes had this to say at the end of the year right after losing the last home game to Faith Lutheran: “I was satisfied with the way we played. Our bread and butter is defense. Our pitcher did allright and our hitting I’m not too worried about this due to the fact we faced a guy with some speed,” stated Hayes.

The Trojans created it by way of two rounds of the playoffs. Pahrump lost to Moapa Valley in the playoffs 10-2 and lost to SECTA 16-12 to end the season.

Faith Lutheran took the league title and the Southern Regional title. They played Boulder City for the state title and won.


The Lady Trojans softball group played with guts all year and hit their way into the playoffs after finishing in seventh spot final year. In his second year as skipper, Coach Elias Armendariz prepared his team effectively, both defensively and offensively.

The team was led by difficult throwing junior Whitney Roderick, who threw almost a 60 mph fastball. They also had a scrappy senior shortstop, Sarah Zinnecker, who did not know when to quit. Each leaders could hit. Hitting got the spunky team into the playoffs.

Armendariz had this to say about his team at the end of the year right after the Cheyenne playoff game: “We had a very good season and we went deep the third round. The girls need to not be ashamed. It was the initial time for all of them. I told the freshmen, ‘Today, let’s make this the first of 4 occasions.’”

Pahrump finished in third place and went to the regional playoffs. They lost to second place Chaparral, 5-3 and destroyed Moapa Valley,14-2 but lost the third round to Cheyenne, 5-two.

Faith Lutheran played Chaparral for the state title and lost.


The track season was a mix of emotions. The boys team showed great guarantee all year lengthy with win following win. They completed on top of the Sunset League. Regionals came and the Trojans sprinters were set to take all the accolades, but an ugly injury popped out of nowhere. Keenan Harris was king. It was hoped he would be the subsequent 1-A state champion in the 100-meter. His speed was unmatched all year long. It was not to be.

Trojans Coach Ed Kirkwood related this description of what transpired at the regional meet. “With ten yards to go in the one hundred-meter dash, Keenan Harris was going to win it simply, but he pulled up to grab his hamstring and came to a dead-quit in the last five feet of the race. 4 individuals passed him and he got fifth. He had the same time as Bill Palmore, but does not make state.”

The boys had been disappointed and only sent 5 to state. They had 1 state champion, Devon Montgomery in the 110-meter hurdles.


The girls track team finished in first in the Sunset League. They barely edged Faith Lutheran at the end to take the league championship, but in regionals finished second to Faith and at state also completed second to Faith. The girls sent 13 athletes to state and had a single state champion, Sydney Sladek in the 800-meter.

Boys Golf

Boys golf was in a rebuilding year. Coach Bob Hopkins had this to say about his team’s play at the end of the season:

“We do not have a Dorian or an Elliot this year, but we have little ones with possible. We have carried out how we expected, we are trying to get far better as the season goes on. We have to average 450 for regionals and our final one particular we shot 470.”

Regardless, the team went to state as a third location finisher and Hopkins was pleased. “This is the first large tournament most of them have played in, but we already certified for state just before coming into this tournament. I told them this was just gravy on the potatoes if we won,” he mentioned.

Lowry won the state 1-A title and Faith Lutheran came in second with Pahrump finishing in sixth location.

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