TRACK: Every meet, Trojans throwers aim for sweeps

This year the Trojans boys and girls track group is firing on all cylinders. A single of the causes why is the robust efficiency by field eventers, and a lot more specifically the throwers on each teams.

For the girls group, the throwers have been a strong unit, led this year by Amanda Head, who does shot put and discus and also runs in the 4×100-meter relay.

The girls unit is sitting at the prime of the Division IA, with Head, Britney Noel and Cassandra Clark in the shot and discus categories.

Trojans Coach Ed Kirkwood says assistant Coach Fred Schmidt’s leadership has completed wonders to enhance the throwers’ game.

“He is a technician. He is truly excellent at rising strength. Absolutely everyone did far better in weights. He is truly into core coaching also. Fred is the big reason on the throws. He does almost everything to get them to boost,” he mentioned.

Schmidt talked about his instruction.

“The success of these throws, a lot of individuals think of a sturdy man, or upper physique and it is not. It is 85 % reduce physique, hips, and drive out of the legs. Amanda I would have to say, is the quickest shot place and discus individual in Nevada. Nobody is going to outrun her,” he chuckled. “She has the reduced body strength. She functions hard. As far as catching Ashlie Blake quantity 1 in the shot and discus in Division I , it is a tall order. She has 18 feet to shave off and 40 feet in the discus. This is not the time to peak. We peak in May possibly. We want to qualify for state, so that is the time to do your greatest. We do not want to impress absolutely everyone in the beginning of the season. Amanda has power in her reduced physique. And that is exactly where it comes from.”

Head believes her good results comes from shifting all her efforts into her throws.

“This year I am performing factors differently. My time last year was split amongst the throws and the sprints. I have been concentrating on throwing this year. I have been really able to concentrate on my technique. All wrestling season, I was in the weight room. That helped, but truly it has been practice that has done it,” she mentioned.

She actually is not also concerned with catching Blake, and more concerned with just assisting the group.

“In the shot place, 18 feet is a lot of ground to catch up. I improved about two feet since final year. In the discus, I may be able to make up some feet. I am 30 feet behind Blake, but with some very good wind I am right in there,” laughed Head.

One particular of the factors for Head’s success is she has great form, and Schmidt believes Head does not more than-think things on meet day.

“So significantly of this is muscle memory,” Schmidt mentioned.

Head agrees.

“At practice you should be concentrating on what you are performing, but at the meet you know what you are undertaking and don’t consider about it, just put it. I have been carrying out this for seven years,” she stated.

On the boys side of the house, Adam Brand and Jonah Bayne lead the IA in the shot put and Dywan Montgomery, Devon Montgomery and Brand lead in the discus.

Schmidt is pleased with his male throwers.

“Adam is a difficult worker. He has set his thoughts to anything. He desires to get better and he is creating it take place. We just maintain polishing tiny factors. Discus is a really cerebral occasion and you have to know what is going on in your thoughts. So several little items must come together at one particular time. So our younger throwers are confused due to the fact there is so a lot to consume. Adam getting a senior and a braniac on top of that, he tends to procedure it a lot faster and he puts it in the sweat equity,” Schmidt commented.

Brand is enhancing by leaps and bounds in discus. Final year his greatest was 101 feet. Appropriate now he is at about 120 feet in practice.

“The Montgomery brothers are chasing him. They are built like Adam, tall and lean. The discus is all about the torque,” Schmidt stated.

The bottom line for the throwers is difficult function said Dywan Montgomery.

“We do nicely in throws because we operate challenging and our coaches are wonderful. They teach us all the types. Coach Schmidt is not all serious all the time, but he teaches us effectively also,” Montgomery stated.

In the finish for the boys and the girls, when the throwers go into action, they feel sweep.

“The throwers have done more than anticipated and they get annoyed when they give up a point. ‘We have been hoping for a sweep,’ they would tell me,” Kirkwood said.

Schmidt explained additional, “I inform our throwers we come to every single meet to sweep. We have to place as a lot as we can.”

The track group went to Indian Springs on Tuesday. As of Monday afternoon the meet was nevertheless on, but there had been some questions concerning the status of particular events.

The Indian Springs Meet has Cheyenne, Pahrump and Indian Springs. Indian Springs told Kirkwood they had been missing a pole vaulting pit and hurdles.

This had Kirkwood upset simply because his group is down 3 girls currently, since it is spring break for Nye County schools. The 3 girls run the 400-meter, some relays and the 800-meter. If he cannot do the hurdle events, this will cost his group a lot more points and it may price the girls the meet.

The Trojans girls team has not lost a meet in six years, and this areas this record in jeopardy.

“Cheyenne does not have quite significantly depth. Something can happen. We can go fine, or it can be a nail-biter. I appear at it like we are in it for a dog fight. You lose Sydney in the eight, open four, and four relays since she is not here. It’s just a single large snowball,” Kirkwood mentioned.

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