Tip from neighbor led to huge marijuana grow operation bust

Las Vegas, NV — We’re learning more about how police busted a huge marijuana grow operation in the valley with more than 900 plants in 3 different locations.

It was one very observant neighbor who noticed something just wasn’t right with the people living at 9660 Grouse Grove Ave and called the authorities. When police arrested the men living there, it led them to two other locations.

Had police not gotten the initial tip from the concerned citizen, the massive operation might have gone on unnoticed.

It all started when a U-Haul truck moved in to the driveway at 9660 Grouse Grove, pulling up so close to the home it nearly touched the residence. Two days later the citizen observed two males unloading large plastic grow trays, large reflective lamp hoods, oscillating fans and ballasts.

The tipster also observed that the neighbors never placed garbage at the curb for collection and always backed into the driveway to conceal his license plate. The tipster decided to peek around, finding the neighbors had cut the power line to the house to bypass the meter, stealing energy from the electrical grid.

It all started to make sense so they called police. They ordered surveillance on the occupants of the home, at one point watching the men drive to Advanced Hydroponics, engaging in counter-surveillance maneuvers like making several erratic and last minute turns when they discovered they were being observed.

After the search warrants were served police took three Chinese nationals into custody, one who began to cry when he realized he was in deep trouble.

All three suspects are in federal custody on drug charges.

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