Stretch of U.S. 95 being moved for Nevada gold mining project

David Jacobs / Pahrump Valley Times
Traffic stopped along US Highway 95 between Goldfield and Tonopah as shown in a 2017 archive photo. A large project is underway to relocate a 2.5-mile stretch of Highway 95 near Goldfield. Gemfield Resources LLC / Special for the Pahrump Valley Times
Gemfield Resources LLC, a company that works on the creation of a major gold mining company near Goldfield, announced in November the construction of two detours in its work corridor for its project to realign a 2.5-mile stretch along the US 95 highway. The detours were scheduled for construction in the first week of November. Special for Pahrump Valley Times / Gemfield Resources LLC
Waterton Global Resources Management Inc., through its portfolio company, Gemfield Resources LLC, received final state and federal permits in mid-September. Infrastructure projects, including moving a part of US Highway 95. US, will be completed in spring 2020. Motorists traveling on US Highway 95. UU. They must be attentive to road changes north of Goldfield, where a project is underway to relocate an estimated 2.5 mile stretch of road
Two detours will be built this week in work areas north of Goldfield along the existing Highway 95, an important artery for motorists between Las Vegas and Reno.
Gemfield Resources LLC, a company that is considering a major gold mining project near Goldfield, is working on the road relocation project as part of the infrastructure phase of its future company.
“This will allow one lane of traffic to remain open in each direction,” said the Gemfield Resources literature.
Speed ​​limits for motorists will be reduced to 40 mph in the construction zone along US Highway 95. UU. Existing. Gemfield is urging motorists to “exercise caution” when they travel through the work area and obey all traffic signs.
The Gemfield motorway relocation project was launched this fall, in partnership with the Nevada Department of Transportation.
That and other infrastructure works are expected to be completed in the spring of 2020 for a gold mine project that is expected to bring hundreds of direct and indirect jobs to the area, according to a press release from the privately held private equity firm. at Toronto Waterton Resource Management Inc., which keeps Gemfield in its portfolio of companies.
Other infrastructure projects that Gemfield is working on include the construction of certain water systems that are required to transport “consumptive” water to the Gemfield project. The water systems project is carried out in partnership with Esmeralda County.
Relocation Project Updates
Work on relocating public services is ongoing, according to Gemfield. This includes things like NV Energy moving its power poles, AT&T moving its fiber optic underground lines, Switch moving its fiber optic airlines and the Emerald County’s job in moving its waterline.
Gemfield claims that Dump Road is still temporarily closed between the United States 95 and the dump. People should use Cemetery Road to access the landfill.
Ames Construction, the general contractor for the relocation project, has completed the Gemfield Road route change, Gemfield says.
According to Gemfield, the earthworks and leveling for the new stretch of road that is being built just west of where the existing road is located are almost complete and the placement of the road base is currently underway.
According to Gemfield, the teams continue to work on the installation of drainage sewers and the construction of drainage channels.
The crews are prepared to start transporting rocks to place them in the drainage channels. The rocks will be obtained from the NDOT well that is approximately 10 miles south of Goldfield.
“If the weather permits, the construction of a new asphalt pavement will begin in a few weeks,” according to Gemfield.
The Gemfield project was launched at the time of an innovative ceremony during the celebration of the Goldfield Days 2019.
“To minimize the interruption of travel and services, existing facilities (US 95, access roads, power lines, water lines, pump house and water tank, fiber optic lines, etc.) will remain in place and active until the new facilities are built. and operational, “according to the information on the NDOT website.” Once
that the new facilities be built, they will be connected to the existing facilities at the north and south ends of the realignment with minimal impact. ”
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Gold mining project
Waterton Global Resource Management Inc., through its portfolio company, Gemfield Resources LLC, announced in mid-September in a press release the receipt of the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for its Gemfield project, near Goldfield.
“The progress in Gemfield is a testament to the support of the local community and Esmeralda County,” said Isser Elishis, chief investment officer at Waterton, in the company’s statement at the time. “We want to thank the elected local officials, the environmental departments and the countless residents who worked with us to meet the milestones that led Gemfield to a point where construction of the project can begin. ”
In addition, Waterton said he also received, through his portfolio company Gemfield Resources, all other important state and federal permits, which are required to advance the construction and operation of his Gemfield project.
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A closer look
Changes are expected for motorists in a work zone along US 95 freeway north of Goldfield to the main artery between Las Vegas and Reno.
The road work is part of an infrastructure project for Gemfield Resources LLC, a company that is raising a major gold mining operation near Goldfield.
The road relocation project is one of the ongoing infrastructure projects by Gemfield.
The highway 95 relocation project is expected to be completed in spring 2020.
Source: Nevada Department of Transportation and Waterton Global Resource Management Inc.

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