SPEEDWAY: Powder puff racing returns

If you have higher hopes of becoming a race-automobile driver like Danica Patrick or just have an unquenchable require for speed, now is your chance. Powder puff racing at the Pahrump Valley Speedway returns on April 27.

The second annual event will be held as soon as once again to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

Last year’s race featured ten 1st-time ladies racers in the Mini Stock division and the race raised $ 1,200 for the cancer charity.

Jerry Layne beat Sara Wulfenstein in a nail-biter.

Pahrump Valley Speedway Owner Chad Broadhead said the race was the brainchild of Kjester Buesig. Broadhead donates a single dollar from each ticket sold and all the entrance costs to the charity.

“They had come to me and asked me if I would let them to place something together,” he said. “Kjester asked me if I could do a powder puff race and I told them ‘yes’ and I mentioned I would donate all the entrance fees to the result in. I just let them use the track and my race vehicles. With out Kjester that foundation would not do as well. She puts about 110 % into that. She does an extraordinary job and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. My sister had cancer, my mother-in-law had it also, and this signifies a lot to me.”

This year the occasion has grown in popularity. Buesig mentioned she has a lot of very first-time females drivers asking if they could drive.

“We are looking for at least ten drivers,” she stated. “We want far more Mini Stock car owners to let us use their cars. We have lots of females, but there is a lack of vehicles.”

Buesig mentioned the event relies on the charity of the actual Mini Stock race vehicle drivers who donate their cars so the girls could race. So far, there have been only seven Mini Stock drivers out there all year. Buesig hopes to speak to drivers with idle automobiles to lend her a hand.

Buesig stated the 1st-time racers really have nothing to worry.

“Ladies who race get driving suits and helmets. So we give them all the gear and then they get a lecture on security and driving. The Mini stocks are the easiest to drive. It is the closest to driving a normal vehicle. It is a stock engine, but some have racing seats and a 5 point harness,” she remarked.

Depending on the owners of the automobiles, some of the ladies can come out and practice on the day of the race.

“The girls might get a chance to drive the auto before the race. Most come that day and find out to drive it. It is advised. They truly do not need to have a lot of education. They get taken out and shown where the lights are and what they mean and are shown the flag stand. Some of the women require this, but others already know because their husbands race and they have been coming out for years. All the security guidelines are addressed before the race. We also tell them that this is for entertaining and there is no want to drive 100 miles per hour,” commented Buesig.

The Pahrump Valley Occasions will be sponsoring freelance reporter, to race at powder puff. Renee has no racing experience other than riding along with Justin Berger last year in a coupe race at the speedway.

“Considering no a single out there has any racing encounter whatsoever, it is a tiny nerve-wracking, but I am excited,” she stated.

Renee will offer the PVT with 1st-hand commentary on the race.

Buesig said so numerous ladies want to race her auto this year, that she will be getting a raffle to see who gets to drive it.

“The winner will be in a position to drive my car throughout the race,” she mentioned. “The winner will be announced at the April 13 race. They can buy the tickets at Studio K Hair Style or speak to me at 702-374-2146. Tickets are $ 10.”

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