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As the summer time heat sizzles this Independence Day weekend, one Southern Nevada couple is declaring their personal independence from the higher costs of electrical energy. Jim and Dixie Bazzell installed an American Patriot Solar power method at their southwest Las Vegas home.

Jim Bazzell mentioned he decided to set up the solar energy program following watching the business progress more than the past a number of years. “I know what the benefits (of solar power) are,” Bazzell said. “A buddy of mine installed solar at his home eight or nine years ago and there have been fantastic improvements in panel style since then. I chose to wait till now due to the fact I knew there would be improvements.

“Solar systems are quite cost-powerful now,” he stated. “Especially with the federal dollar for dollar incentive of 30 % back on your taxes.”

Bazell’s program was installed by American Patriot Solar’s installation organization, U.S. Renewable Power Development, also a Las Vegas-based business. It installed a 20-panel, five.3 kilowatt solar energy technique on one particular of Bazzell’s two Siena residences.

Bazzell’s approximately 2,000-square-foot home was currently totally insulated with a solar fan in the attic, but he stated it wasn’t enough to lower his electrical energy bills drastically.

“Prior to installing this solar technique, my typical monthly energy bill was among $ 75 and $ 90 per month. About this time of year it was around $ 250 per month,” he stated. “This month will be my first complete month with the solar program and I expect to pay roughly $ ten.80 going forward, which is the month-to-month net metering charge from the power firm.”

Bazzell stated installing his new solar technique was straightforward, and worked with American Patriot Solar and the Siena homeowner’s association to comprehensive and file all appropriate permits.

“I have worked with my HOA on other properties in Siena, so I volunteered to handle that component,” he stated. “Every HOA is various, but essentially you need to confirm whether or not your panels are getting installed with a contractor that has a contractor’s license and no matter whether you have the acceptable city or county permits. Those permits are all taken care of by American Patriot Solar, so it was genuinely straightforward for me.”

Bazzell mentioned his background in general contracting and engineering did not get him any special treatment from his HOA.

“Federal law says your HOA can not deny you putting in solar panels on your home,” he said.

Bazzell mentioned the total cost for his solar energy method was around $ 21,200. With the federal tax incentive of 30 %, the system’s final cost was about $ 14,840. He expects his solar technique to spend for itself in approximately eight to nine years.

“When you pencil in the savings you acquire every single month, it will take about that extended to recoup the fees when you element in the federal tax incentive,” he stated.

As solar power systems turn into far more technologically advanced and less difficult to implement, Bazzell predicts the federal government will boost its needs on nearby power companies to use option sources like solar.

“At a certain time, the federal government will need power businesses to be at least 20 percent green,” he mentioned. “I have turn into a partner with them to not only power my own home, but provide them with the further power I generate that I do not use.”

“In the lengthy run, my wife and I aren’t out a dime and our home is worth a lot more due to the fact it generates its personal energy,” he mentioned. “It’s also a modest but purposeful step to help take the stress off the atmosphere and lessen our carbon footprint for our grandchildren. If it assists with climate change, is price powerful and will save us funds in the extended run, why wouldn’t we go solar?”

Bazzell mentioned his method was installed and prepared to use in less than a month.

“I’m a pretty demanding person and both American Patriot and U.S. Renewable Energy fulfilled each and every expectation I had,” he stated. “They are easy to work with, knowledgeable and can operate within your personal private budget and financial circumstance.”

American Patriot Solar systems are installed by its installation firm, US Renewable Power Development (license No. 0075882).

To schedule a free in-home consultation and analysis of your solar power opportunities, get in touch with American Patriot Solar at 702-227-9205 or go to

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