RPC declines request to enable horses in Allen Estates

Residents of a 14 block location in southern Pahrump have been allowed to rezone their house to allow horses and livestock, but county planners felt it wouldn’t be proper to rezone the Allen Estates subdivision to enable the same privilege on half-acre lots.

Planner Beth Lee said a home owner in Allen Estates requested the study at a Nov. 9 RPC meeting.

The 142 parcels in Allen Estates, an area east of Blagg Road and south of Simkins Road, are zoned VR-10, allowing lot sizes of 20,000 square feet or greater, roughly one-quarter acre. They would have to be rezoned to rural estates or RE-1 zoning district to enable livestock, which is set up for one acre lots.

Most residential places of the VR-10 zoning district place residences too close to each other with too higher a density for horses to be kept in these areas, Lee told the Pahrump Regional Preparing Commission. The RPC unanimously adopted her suggestion and kept the 142 parcels zoned VR-ten.

Whilst some livestock organizations think half-acre lots would be massive sufficient, Lee mentioned the Nye County Code demands at least one particular acre lots for large animals like horses.

If the RPC wants to allow horses on half-acre lots, Lee said the RPC would have to pass an amendment to the master plan and revise the zoning ordinance to create a new zone. If livestock owners have the correct zoning, they could maintain an unlimited quantity of animals.

A visual inspection of the residences revealed no horses on any of the properties except one particular home that had an open code compliance case, Lee stated.

Allen Estates is bordered by Mayfield Ranch Estates to the east, with 103 lots, all VR-8, of which 78 are developed, Lee mentioned. To the northeast is Allen Estates Unit 3, with 60 lots, all VR-10, of which 52 are created.

To the north is a proposed subdivision, North Canyon Properties Phase I, II and II, in which 74 single-family members residential lots are parceled, in a VR-8 zone. To the south is Calvada Meadows Unit 2, an undeveloped subdivision with VR-20 zoning.

Last month, the RPC rezoned a 56-acre area between Thousandaire Boulevard and Heritage Drive, east of Malibou Avenue, from village residential to rural estates to allow a couple of home owners to legally maintain livestock.

* ZONING Verify: RPC member Greg Hafen II wanted a overview of conditional use permits authorized in the past year, to see if the applicants had been complying with them.

“It’s type of a year-finish checkup, a double check, if employees knows of one thing they received a code violation for, they could present it at the subsequent meeting,” Hafen mentioned.

Ombudsman Mark Kimball brought up the instance of Tjeng To, a resident at 6411 Gills Way, who was granted a waiver on residential kennels, which are allowed only 10 dogs, she had 13.

When To was discovered not to be in compliance with the conditions, the animal advisory board heard the case and suggested the county enforce the waiver circumstances, Kimball mentioned.

When asked for other instances exactly where applicants flaunted the circumstances, Hand recalled the Second Missionary Baptist Church which was allowed to move into a home at 3651 S. Homestead Rd. in a residential zone.

Kimball stated if a county code compliance officer confirms violations, the only alternative is to revoke their conditional use permit, they can’t come back ahead of the RPC.

* One more STUDY Region: Nye County Preparing Director Steve Osborne asked the RPC to study an 80-acre region between Hafen Ranch Road and Evans Road, north of Santovito Street and south of Moonachie Street to rezone it from VR-20.

We think that that is not an appropriate zoning for that location, Osborne mentioned.

* PARK MODEL Residences: Under public comment, Susan Denney wanted to know why she can’t reside in a Park Model Home on her residential lot.

“We don’t enable RVs to be utilized as a principal dwelling on a single-family members lot,” Osborne said.

Dr. Jeffrey Gunter revised plans for a mobile home park where he had plans to build a new Pahrump Senior Center on Wilson Road for Park Model Residences instead of standard manufactured housing, due to space considerations.

“If you’re capable to have it in an RV park you must be in a position to have it on your personal home,” Denney said.

RPC Chairman Terry Hand mentioned some Park Model Properties aren’t certified by the U.S. Division of Housing and Urban Improvement HUD . That could be a criteria the RPC could look at in altering the code, Hand stated.

But we got to watch out we don’t open this up where an individual with a fifth wheel decides he desires to park it complete time, Hand stated.

Hand mentioned Denney wouldn’t park it subsequent to her home, the Park Model Home would be her property.

Nye County Commissioner Butch Borasky said the Park Model Properties aren’t inspected by the Pahrump Creating and Security Division, but inspectors could examine them.

* NO EXPANSION: On one more matter, James A. Vaughn, owner of J.V. Industries at 3810 W. Flamingo Rd., decided not to rezone his 1 acre lot where he has a manufacturing facility, from rural estates residential to industrial manufacturing, following he was told he’d have to install a commercial well. J.V. Industries manufactures metal sleeves utilised in developing building and has been in operation given that 1995.

The application was withdrawn without having prejudice, which means it could be resubmitted. The manufacturing business is a non-conforming use that was grandfathered into the regulations when zoning was placed on the neighborhood in 2007. A zone adjust would let for future expansion.

Kimball said, for their personal motives they wanted to wait till their own time to do some developmental operate on their company.

In a memo to the organizing director, Kimball refuted criticism J.V. Industries was acquiring a free ride with the RPC filing the rezoning application.

There is ample evidence of numerous examples of the RPC acting as the applicant when we think there is a purpose to study home in order to right an error, increase the master program or supply justice to a property owner, Kimball wrote.

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