Red flag prevents woman from becoming victim of credit card fraud

Las Vegas, NV — The thought of losing or having your credit card stolen is scary for any individual, and crooks are counting on that.

“We’ve been alerted your credit card has been stolen.”

Maureen Glennen mentioned these are the words that grabbed her attention. It was final month, whilst getting prepared for perform a single morning, when she received an automated phone call telling her what to do.

“Press a single to continue and have a new card generated.”

Thankfully ahead of she did that, Maureen figured out the entire thing was a scam, “The card they described was Mastercard. So correct away I just laughed and hung up, because I don’t have a Mastercard.”

This isn’t a new tactic. For years, scam artists have been calling possible victims, posing as representatives for properly-known brands. They know the probabilities are excellent, that most people they call will have a Mastercard.

But there’s a key red flag.

“Really generic, they did not say my name,” Maureen said.

Don’t forget, a reputable customer service rep will have your name and information.

The bad guys are just trying to scare you, and when you are not pondering straight, that’s when they strike. They will ask for individual data, and may possibly even ask for your card number for verification. But don’t do it.

“Hang up. It is just also simple, also straightforward to get in difficulty,” Maureen said.

She has elderly parents, and mentioned she’s afraid they could fall for one thing like this, so she referred to as Get in touch with 13 to help get the word out.

“It is infuriating and frightening to feel of the consequences that could result.”

Here’s the Speak to 13 bottom line: Mastercard says it will by no means solicit personal or account info over the telephone or by e-mail.

If you get a comparable call, hang up and get in touch with your financial institution yourself to confirm if there’s an situation.

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