Commissioner says speak of utility acquisition premature

Nye County commissioners voted 4-1 on Tuesday to take a couple of measures toward acquiring Pahrump Utility Company.

Commissioner Joni Eastley cast the sole vote against, saying she felt the takeover currently sounded like a carried out deal. Eastley mentioned the wording on the agenda that mentioned “take further action with respect to acquisition of Pahrump Utilities” made it sound like the county commission had currently approved the acquisition.

Commissioners voted to employ a organization to assess the infrastructure of the firm and execute due diligence on any financing, like on any loan from the U.S. Division of Agriculture.

County Manager Rick Osborne mentioned he was only following the tips of the district lawyer in placing collectively the two action products in a broad style “so we have a little more wiggle space.”

Eastley mentioned the infrastructure ought to be evaluated just before the financing is pursued.

“It’s not just acquiring the cart in front of the horse I would at least like the cart and the horse to be in the exact same city. I would feel the initial step we would want to do is appear at the assets just before we start off any funding mechanisms,” she mentioned.

The only action taken by commissioners officially has been the acceptance of an audit by accountant Dan McArthur on Aug. 16 relating to the expense-benefit evaluation of taking over Pahrump Utility Firm. The organization is operated by the Hafen household of developers.

At the conclusion of that report, commission Chairman Gary Hollis stated he wanted an item on the agenda about applying for USDA funds to take more than the program.

In initial discussions with the Nevada USDA workplace, McArthur mentioned the county could make payments on acquiring the utility at 3.76 % interest more than 40 years, but the standby fees paid by developers wouldn’t be counted as revenue.

At that Aug. 16 meeting, Greg Hafen II told commissioners the utility had $ 28.six million in assets offered for a $ 5 million acquire price, and that the money flow from the revenue will spend for the acquisition. The infrastructure was largely paid for by developers like Beazer Homes and Concordia Homes of Nevada.

Commissioner Dan Schinhofen said he’s received some telephone calls from residents in the Artesia subdivision concerned about a county takeover. But he made a motion to approve the item, stating the county is hunting at all the possibilities, which includes having the Hafen household manage the technique initially.

Schinhofen’s motion asked to recognize the assets and infrastructure, see what their value is, then move forward with identifying funding sources and bringing back a achievable contract.

District Lawyer Brian Kunzi mentioned an element of the due diligence needed in acquiring the system is to execute an engineering evaluation of the viability of a takeover.

“I appreciate Commissioner Eastley’s concern about the vagueness. When you commence performing due diligence, it would be difficult to articulate everything we’re performing in due diligence. We have to begin someplace,” Kunzi stated.

Eastley wanted a timeline for a board action if a majority finds acquiring the utility is in the county’s best interest.

Osborne outlined the method.

“We would get an evaluation from whoever we get an assessment with to obtain Pahrump Utilities and these are the choices exactly where it can be financed. Does the board want us to move forward then and negotiate a price tag?”

“We’re not saying we’re purchasing, we’re moving forward to discover out what it’s worth,” Schinhofen said.

“The way I study this agenda item, it’s assumed that we are buying it,” Eastley stated.

But Osborne said, “If you go car purchasing, you can go to 3 or 4 dealers seeking for a auto. It doesn’t mean you’re locked into getting it from a particular dealer.”

At an Aug. 30 particular meeting, commissioners removed an agenda item to allocate the county’s annual $ two.three million tax exempt private activity bond cap for the acquisition of Pahrump Utility Company. On Tuesday, they approved allocating the bond cap for Wilson Capital Nevada LLC, which has plans to create a 165-unit mobile home park on 13.five acres on Wilson Road and a new 11,200-square-foot Pahrump senior center. Plans also consist of 42,928 square feet of industrial buildings.

In recent years, the county didn’t use the bond cap and it was sent back to the Nevada Rural Housing Authority.

Whilst the county commission was supposed to take action on the allocation by Aug. 31 or it reverts back to the state, Kunzi said the county has until Sept. 15 to notify the state.

“It permits that firm to make an application to the state to sell tax-exempt bonds,” Kunzi mentioned.

Schinhofen voted against the allocation, saying he necessary more time to study further documents presented at the meeting. Kunzi mentioned with only one commissioner meeting in September there was enormous stress to get things on the agenda.


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