Stay as long as you like.

No limits on stay durations


Liberty Estates General Rules

  1. Daily Quiet hours: 10pm to 8am.
  2. Liberty Estates has a 5 MPH speed limit throughout.
  3. Children are required to be supervised at all times.
  4. Assigned sites must be kept clean.
  5. Disobeying posted signs or notices of Liberty Estates may result in immediate eviction, without refund.
  6. In case of an emergency, Liberty Estates or assigned may move any vehicles or homes without notice of liability.


Strictly Prohibited

  1. Open fires are PROHIBITED.
  2. Fireworks of any type are PROHIBITED.
  3. Pools, Ponds, Grass or any other excess water use in the desert is PROHIBITED


Pet Rules

  1. Pets are only allowed at the discretion of Liberty Estates.
  2. Dogs must be on a leash 6 feet or shorter at all times when outside.
  3. Pets may not be left unattended unless secure in a fenced pet enclosure.
  4. Dogs must be restrained from barking or disturbing the peace at all times.
  5. Owners must clean up after their pets immediately. A clean up fee of $25.00 will be charged for waste left behind.