Pahrump Nevada Mobile Home Park

Moving a mobile home into Pahrump Nevada is a wise move for saving money, but you want to get it right the first time. Qualities to look for are; good management, best value, and location location location.

Good management will make sure the park is a better place to live. Getting along with the local manager, agent, or owner will make Pahrump Nevada Mobile Home Park living a pleasure. A good example is the management at Liberty Estates MHP in Pahrump Nv. Make sure management is easy to get a hold of by phone and in person. Having an on-site manager will ensure immediate assistance for urgent matters such as burst frozen pipes.

A good manager should not just help you pay rent and electric on time, but should help make your community and living conditions the best possible. Policies like zero drug tolerance, zero violence tolerance, and ensuring neighbors are able to share common areas and ensure everyone is given the right to peace and enjoyment of their home.

Make sure you check for all the costs associated with the park. Some mobile home parks in Pahrump show low rates but nickle and dime you with required charges like water, sewer, trash, etc. All of these rates are included at Liberty Estates, and there are no hidden fees. This is true for rent to own and rental rates. For the best long term savings look at the rent to own options, which require no extra money down, have the same cost per month, but allow home ownership in as little as two years.

Some mobile home parks in Pahrump do not allow continual living. They will require the home to be moved every 6 months for at least 90 days of being off property. These rules at all other parks are for their corporate owners. At liberty estates some residents have been enjoying living in the same location for over 14 years, and have never been asked to relocate or leave. Everyone is made to feel at home and welcome to stay as long as they please.

Pahrump is within Nye county and the county has regulations that forbid any new mobile homes from being placed in Pahrump unless moving into a mobile home park, and even then, they require that the home be never then 1977. Because of this homes that are not already located within Pahrump will find it difficult to find a lot available to move into. At Liberty Estates the park has been established for so long that it has grandfathered rights that allow mobile homes of any age the right to move in and enjoy living close to the heart of Pahrump in a peaceful community.

Some parks have single electric meters for the entire park, and send out bills evenly split between tenants. This causes many problems, since not everyone uses the same amount, and tenants that may not even be there for a few days in a month are required to pay just as much as the power hogs that have been on site the entire time. At liberty Estates every mobile home lot has it’s own separate meter and readings for each individual can be verified by looking at their meter.

To be the best Pahrump Nevada Mobile Home Park, Liberty Estates has put in the time and effort to continually improve the park and ensure that every available convenience, and comfort is provided. We welcome you to our community with open arms.

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