Pahrump area veterans wrapped in love

Robin Hebrock / Pahrump Valley Times
Marine Corps veteran Douglas Price is photographed standing in front of his Quilt of Valor, delivered to him during a presentation ceremony on November 2. Robin Hebrock / Pahrump Valley Times
The US Army veteran UU. Stephen Elliott was one of more than 30 veterans in the area who received a handmade value quilt during the Nye County Valor Quilter presentation ceremony in November 2019. Robin Hebrock / Pahrump Valley Times
Edward Ronan, a US Army veteran UU., Shown posing before his own Quilt of Valor. Robin Hebrock / Pahrump Valley Times
A large crowd of veteran supporters filled the gymnasium at Pahrump Valley High School for the Nye County Value Quilters presentation event on November 2. Robin Hebrock / Pahrump Valley Times
Air Force veteran Tom Duryea was obviously delighted to be presented with a beautiful and unique value quilt. Robin Hebrock / Pahrump Valley Times
Army veteran Carree Henry is radiant with happiness after being wrapped in her special Value Quilt. Robin Hebrock / Pahrump Valley Times
Dan Shea, U.S. Navy veteran UU., Addresses the audience at the presentation ceremony of Quilts of Valor. Robin Hebrock / Pahrump Valley Times
As always, the last Nye County Valor Quilter ceremony attracted a lot of attention with dozens and dozens of people who came to show their support for the nonprofit organization and area veterans. Robin Hebrock / Pahrump Valley Times
Together with their Quilt of Valor, veterans received a certificate detailing the meaning behind each part of their quilt. America is known throughout the world as the bastion of freedom and freedom, a land where the rights of citizens are guaranteed, protected and fiercely defended. .
However, none of this would be possible without a very key element. Freedom is never free and the people who pay the highest price are often the brave men and women who come together to serve in the armed forces of the United States.

Veterans and service members must sacrifice themselves for the country, an experience that can be difficult and for many, even traumatic. Putting in words how grateful civilians are for those sacrifices is not always easy and, sometimes, words do not seem to be enough.
For a national nonprofit organization, the Quilts of Valor Foundation, expressions of gratitude come not only with words of praise and recognition, but also with something that will last many years in the future as a constant reminder of the nation’s gratitude , a handmade Quilt of Valor. .
In the Pahrump Valley, the Nye County Value Quilters have spent the past three years sewing, sewing, designing and designing in their mission to cover service members of the area and war-veterans to comfort and heal Quilts of Value
After its most recent presentation ceremony, the nonprofit organization has created and presented an incredible amount of 530 bedspreads to service members, which adds to a national total that has now exceeded 233,000 bedspreads.
The Bedspreads of Valor are not simply sewn pieces of cloth. Each part of the quilt has a special meaning and purpose.
“The top of the quilt, with its many colors, shapes and fabrics, represents the community and the many people we are,” the Nye County Valor Quilters presentation ceremony program detailed on November 2. “The batting is the filling, the center of the quilt, its warmth. It represents our hope that this quilt will bring warmth, comfort, peace and healing to the person who receives it.
“The backing is the force that supports the other layers. It represents the strength of the recipient, the support of his family, our communities and our nation, ”the program continues. “Each stitch that holds the layers together represents love, gratitude and sometimes the tears of the creator.”
During the ceremony held on November 2 inside the Pahrump Valley High School gymnasium, more than 30 unique comforters were awarded to veterans in the area, while a large crowd of friends, family members and supporters occasionally observed tears of joy . . The veterans themselves also showed some obvious emotions, ranging from solemn and bleak to euphoric and euphoric, and everyone took the time to express their gratitude for the love and hard work that came with their very special Value Quilts.
There were a full dozen Army veterans who received Quilts of Valor on Saturday, including Terrance Bird, Richard Engel, Stephen.
Elliott, Jay Gould, Gary Griffith, Richard Heminger, Carree Henry, Patrick Nary, Mathias J. Piar, Edward Ronan, Michael Wells and Daniel Westlund.
Navy veterans who received Quilts of Valor included Jack Adams, Leland Bass, Ronald Davenport, Raymond Kalkofen, Thomas Lyons, Daniel MacNicoll Jr., Michael Mouer, Brian Phillips, Jerald Piper, Raymond Romero and Dan Shea.
Air Force veterans who received quilts included Kenneth Bales, Gerald Brehn, Mahlon Broadwater II, Tom Duryea, Kenneth Gates, James King, Robert Liva, James Moore and Anthony Romero.
Douglas Price was the only Marine Corps veteran honored with a quilt that morning.
The ceremony also included many other patriotic features, with professional singer Kittra Warren lending her melodious voice with performances of “Star-Spangled Banner,” along with “America the Beautiful” and “God Bless the USA.” Chaplain and veteran Doug Garlin gave the invocation to open the ceremony and the high school JROTC also participated, publishing the colors while the public recited the Pledge of Allegiance as one.
The Value Quilts of Nye County are a nonprofit organization run by unpaid volunteers who frequently search their own pockets to provide the materials needed to continue creating Value Quilts.
Donations are essential for the organization and anyone willing to contribute to the cause can do so by sending a check to Nye County Valor Quilters, P.O. Box 3632, Pahrump, Nevada, 89041.
For those who wish to be granted a Quilt of Valor, the process can take up to 12 months, since each quilt is made by the loving hands of voluntary quilts and is a unique work of art that can be used.
To request a quilt for a current or former service member or for more information, visit
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