Nowsch’s lawyer says client was high when he made statements to police

Las Vegas, NV — Action News has learned that 19-year-old Erich Nowsch has lawyered up, now facing charges of murder and attempted murder in the shooting death of Tammy Meyers, a local mother of 4.

Nowsch’s lawyer, Conrad Claus, told Action News that not only does his client have a robust argument for self defense, but the statements he created to police may possibly be inadmissible since he was below the influence of drugs.

Conrad Claus and his brother Augustus have a lot of operate to do preparing the defense Nowsch, but initial they need to have to get an interview with him when he’s of sound state of mind.

Conrad Claus told Action News on Friday that he has issues with Metro’s questioning of the suspect considering that they allowed him to get high ahead of he surrendered to SWAT teams.

On Thursday, when authorities surrounded Nowsch’s home in a standoff lasting far more than two hours, Claus says his client told police he would surrender peacefully if they would let him get higher 1st.

Claus says that’s specifically what occurred when Nowsch was taken in for questioning, he was beneath the influence of drugs.

It could mean statements Nowsch produced to police are inadmissible.

Police are nevertheless trying to figure out specifically what occurred the evening Tammy Meyers was shot in front of her home on Mount Shasta Drive.

Initially, family members members told police the shooting occurred following Tammy and her daughter, Kristal Meyers, got into a road rage altercation right after Krystal honked the horn at an additional driver who sped up behind them, with that driver saying “I am gonna come back for you and your daughter.”

But police also talked to men and women who say they had been with Nowsch soon after the shooting. They said Nowsch told them “individuals had been following him, threatening to harm his mother and her newborn baby,” and that evening, a person in a green Buick was “after him,” at one particular point waving a gun out the window before Nowsch fired 22 shots.

Robert Meyers told the media Thursday his wife knew Erich Nowsch and had a close connection with him.

On Friday, Nowsch’s buddies gave Action News a lot more information, saying Tammy would regularly “buy items” from Nowsch.

Nowsch is due in court for the 1st time on Monday.

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