Nowsch’s attorneys will fight for self-defense argument

Las Vegas, NV — Erich Nowsch went before a judge for the first time Monday morning, facing murder charges in the death of a local mother police first described as a road rage incident.

Now, the teen’s attorney says something entirely different went down.

Police are done talking about what caused the shooting death of 44-year-old Tammy Meyers, saying now the case is in the district attorney’s hands. However, one thing is clear: The Meyers family hasn’t given a consistent account of what happened the night of Feb. 12.

Robert Meyers and his children first told police and the media the shooting started after a road rage incident involving an unknown man, then later dropped a bomb by announcing, “We know this boy,” after Nowsch was arrested.

Conrad Claus and his brother Augustus, who both represent 19-year-old Nowsch, say one thing’s for sure: This did not happen over road rage. Now, they’re gathering evidence to prove it.

“We are looking for corroboration, we are looking for extrinsic evidence that can be presented,” Augustus Claus told Action News.

Now their plan is to find the truth between the Meyers’ story that Tammy had acted as a mentor to the teen, and Nowsch’s account of what happened that night.

The attorney team first encountered problems getting that information because they say SWAT made a deal with Nowsch to allow him to get high before his arrest if he surrendered peacefully.

“I can tell you the first day that I spoke with him, there was no substantive conversation that was had whatsoever. He was just not in a state of mind where that was possible,” Augustus Claus said.

Police deferred to the DA’s office when Action News questioned them about the deal, and Steve Wolfson’s office said they had never heard about it before our phone call.

But the Claus brothers say they have witness statements and a blood test, and now they’re investigating Nowsch’s claims to friends that he was being chased down before the shooting.

According to the arrest report, Nowsch said he was being watched prior to the shooting, then got chased down by a car with a gun out the window. He claimed he followed the car to Tammy Meyers’ home before the shootout.

Now it’s up to the Claus brothers to prove he acted Nowsch self-defense.

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