Nowsch defense prepares for death penalty hearing

Las Vegas, NV — For the first time, both suspects charged in the murder of Tammy Meyers appeared in court on Thursday.

When the accused accomplice of Erich Nowsch tried to say something, the judge told him to be quiet. At this point, nobody knows what Derrick Andrews was trying to say to the courtroom, and what he told police after he was arrested has also not been revealed.

The defense team for Nowsch, the accused trigger man, says that’s problematic for their case.

Andrews and Nowsch are both accused of the same crimes, murder and attempted murder, in the shooting death of local mother Tammy Meyers.

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District Attorney Steve Wolfson has made it clear the state isn’t ruling out the death penalty at least for Nowsch. His defense is preparing for a hearing before the committee next week.

Right now they’re in hot water because they say the state hasn’t released all the evidence in the case, including anything his alleged co-conspirator told police about that night.

“When you ask how he’s going to influence the impact of this case it’s really impossible to tell, and the state has made it impossible by withholding evidence with regard to Mr. Andrews,” Defense Attorney Conrad Claus told Action News.

Claus also said the state hasn’t provided all of Nowsch’s interview with police. The defense team is working to figure out if Nowsch said anything prior to being read his rights. “It looks like there’s a gap in our audio tape at the jail,” he said.

Andrews tried to speak to the courtroom Thursday but the judge intervened, saying he needed to protect his rights.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson said he’s not ready to comment on whether he will seek the death penalty for Andrews.

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