Memorial Day week Burning Man occasion gets OK

It took far more than 4 hours for Pahrump Town Board members to take care of their typical organization on Tuesday evening.

One notable agenda item was the discussion and selection to approve an occasion permit at the Pahrump Fairgrounds for a regional Burning Man festival tentatively scheduled for Memorial Day weekend.

Even though board members voted in favor of the event, they directed town attorneys to go more than the contract submitted by the organization just before giving the official okay.

Burning Man is a globe-renowned annual event held in the Reno region that promotes freedom of expression, a collaboration of revolutionary art projects and a range of music and entertainment.

A veteran “Burner,” John Pawlak, mentioned he has attended numerous Burning Man events in the past.

Although he welcomes the proposed Memorial Day event, he said he has problems with the way it was presented to the town.

“Chairman Harley messed up huge time by possessing the regional Burning Man come right here and not tell anybody what he had in retailer for us. They even set it up to have tickets go on sale the day after the town board meeting and this was ahead of the meeting itself,” he stated.

Town Board Vice Chairman Bill Dolan stated he also had concerns about the apparent lack of communication among all parties involved in the event.

“I heard you were talking to the Nye County Manager and other Nye County folks. It’s a town even and I would believe you would have talked with the town manager and the advisory board that oversees the parks even ahead of you went to Nye County. It appears you have been in discussions for quite some time. Our Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Matt Luis ought to have been involved in this. With all due respect to the county, they do not have any jurisdiction more than this whatsoever,” he mentioned.

The event would be the regional celebration for the principal annual occasion scheduled for late summer time up north.

The group would spend the town for use of the land and other solutions supplied.

Organizer Dirk Schmidhofer provided the board and employees with the history of the event and details of how he envisions the regional celebration.

“The event we are interested in pursuing in Pahrump we have named “Forgotten City.” In a nutshell, we are asking to use the fairgrounds in the course of Memorial Day weekend for this occasion. I want to begin off by saying what is Burning Man? The answer to that question can be answered in about 50,000 different approaches. It depends on who you are. It is a extremely massive festival of art. It’s held up in northern Nevada. It is held annually. It began as tribute to radical self-expression back in 1986 exactly where some people gathered on a beach north of San Francisco. They constructed a nine-foot statue and they burned the stick figure. It wasn’t lengthy till they outgrew that location. They sought a bigger location in northern Nevada in the Black Rock Desert and last year there were 56,000 participants,” he mentioned.

Some of the highlights in previous festivals consist of “Art Vehicles,” which are enormous parade float type autos. Schmidhofer also stated “Theme Camps” are always a fixture at the festival.

“The theme camps are areas exactly where like-minded men and women can aggregate with widespread interests and they vary across the map from hydrogen cold fusion to foot reflexology, which I attended. They cover the gamut. No doubt about it, it is radical self-expression. It could also be defined as a week-long costume celebration to some people. They have also had a couple of marriages and, of course, they culminate the festival with a really big burn,” he stated.

Board member Amy Riches told Schmidhofer she believes a lot of nearby residents can not afford to pay the ticket price tag, which ranges from $ 40 to $ 65 a pop.

“Our town is extremely distressed financially. What is the likelihood of becoming able to get some tickets from you and obtaining them at the town workplace for individuals who want to go but really cannot afford it. Is that a possibility?” she asked.

Schmidhofer told Riches that he would have to take that query back to his organizing group for consideration.

“There have been occasions where we have. Usually all ticket sales are carried out on the web, so that’s how we organize the ticket sales. We would have to evaluate that,” he stated.

The organizer also told the board that some proceeds from the occasion will go to regional charities in the town.

“We look at what we have and there are recommendations that we stick to for regional event holders. We try to use those suggestions to decide who would be the recipients of any cash left over from ticket sales that isn’t spent placing the occasion on. It’s generally determined when the dust settles and the bills are paid. We figure out what we have left and then we can figure out that right after the occasion. We are quite open to your input as to where it would go,” he mentioned.

Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue Chief Scott Lewis told the board that he has been in communication with Schmidhofer.

He made the point that his department is prepared to handle the event, which could draw a lot more than 300 burners.

“It was a great conversation. The plan we spoke about was comprehensive. I could tell by the content that they had carried out this prior to and it was clearly outlined. With the huge burns he showed, we would absolutely be on standby for that with the fire apparatus and make positive that it’s our paramedic engine if there were any injuries,” he stated.

Town Board members voted 5- to approve the event but they will wait to hear from the town’s attorney’s contract evaluation just before officially green-lighting the festival.

The four-day festival is tentatively scheduled from Might 24 to 27.

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