Meals & WINE: Tiny-recognized varietals – ‘Drink what you like’


Unique to the – These vineyards are situated in Amargosa Valley and are planted with several varietals for Pahrump Valley Winery.

Drinking wine has grow to be far more than just a status symbol. In the previous 10-15 years, and with the expanding quantity of wineries all more than the planet, most adults have indulged in a bottle or two, but are nonetheless hesitant to order wines to accompany a meal.
With so several varietals from which to select, wine lists turn out to be confusing and attempting something unfamiliar might not complement the food.
The most familiar and readily offered varietals incorporate chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio in whites and cabernet sauvignon, merlot and pinot noir in the reds.
Most men and women think zinfandel only comes in white and the color is pink. Really zinfandel is a red grape which produces wine suitable for dishes sauced with wealthy gravies and American meals like pizza and barbecue.
But what about those unheralded varietals such as viognier (vee on yay), tempranillo (tem pra nee o), primotivo, barbera, cinsault rose (sin so rose ay) or syrah (sa rah)?
These are just a few wines flying under the wine list radar and they aren’t so readily offered except for specialty retailers, fine dining restaurants and at the wineries exactly where they are produced.
Restaurants tend to stick with recognizable varietals unless they have a wine steward to help with selection. Mountain Falls Grill Space Executive Chef Joe Mosconi mentioned the dining room tends to limit its offerings. “Since I took more than in February, we’ve changed the wine list after and expanded it.
“We’re going to update it and expand it once again in the subsequent week.”
Mosconi stated when it comes to food and wine, he finds folks right here “just drink what they like. It doesn’t matter if it pairs with the food or not.”
He stated Mountain Falls does provide some blended wines. “We have two blended reds. Apothic is heavier and far more complete-bodied wine than the other simply because it has far more cabernet sauvignon. And we supply a chianti, which you do not discover about right here.”
Chianti is a blend of Italian red varietals which has a distinctive high quality that pairs nicely with all factors Italian from spaghetti and lasagna to oso bucco.
Conundrum is a white blended wine on the Grill Room wine list that Mosconi describes as “crisp from the sauvignon blanc but is buttery and not heavily oaked.” He recommends it with crab cakes.
He stated, “The most crucial issue is to ask. If you want aid, our servers are trained to assist you.”
He mentioned the front-of-the-house staff goes by means of beer and wine training after a month.
Blended wines are always constant since they can be adjusted by changing the percentages of the various grapes employed in the blend. If you order it this week and once again next year, the variations will be so insignificant, Bill Loken mentioned, “Most individuals can’t inform the distinction.”
The straight varietal is a lot more challenging to control. The grapes are a living thing, and modifications in temperature and moisture can lead to many issues for the grower and wine maker alike.
Symphony’s Restaurant at Pahrump Valley Winery offers some of those unheralded wines — do not be afraid to attempt them.
Pahrump Valley Winery and owners Bill and Gretchen Loken have the advantage of a tasting area to assistance the wines they produce. It affords those wanting to attempt anything new the opportunity without getting to purchase the bottle.
Some of those lesser-recognized wines are viognier, which is a complete-bodied and oaked white wine perceived as slightly sweet from the fruit notes. It pairs well with shellfish and dishes such as crab cakes. It has adequate weight to complement heavier fish such as swordfish.
Primotivo sounds like a blended wine. It in fact is a varietal with DNA traced back to old vine zinfandels from Italy. It pairs effectively with your backyard barbecue like burgers, ribs, pulled pork and barbecue chicken.
Tempranillo is a Spanish red grape where Loken mentioned, “The fruit requires a back seat, however it is not overly bold.”
Her recommendations for food pairing  are for dishes such as chili, braised beef, brisket and something smoked.
The red Italian barbera wines, “scream pasta,” Loken stated. “Anything with a red sauce.”
Syrah created at Pahrump Valley Winery is grown on the home here and in a vineyard in Amargosa Valley. It is a bold wine with huge juicy flavors and Gretchen said it pairs quite nicely with steak and blackened dishes.
Cinsault rose is yet another unknown wine with flavors of tangerine and other citrus. Bright crisp wines pair with straightforward foods like salads with fruit dressings, nuts and tangy cheeses.
Dessert doesn’t have to be accompanied by a cup of coffee. Wines also pair with sweets. Moscato is increasing in recognition due to the fact it produces a sweet wine. Either by itself or blended with other varietals to reduce the sugary fruit quality, the grape complements dishes such as a tangy cheesecake or some thing slightly sweet like bread pudding.
Also on the list of dessert wines are creme sherry and port.
Symphony’s Restaurant supports the wines developed at the facility and has products on the menu that have been paired with these unknown wines.
Both Mosconi and wine maker Gretchen Loken agree — drinking wine must be an enjoyable expertise and “people ought to drink what they like.”
Even so, pairing wine with meals is meant to complement each. “Loken said, “Sometimes the best complement is contrast.
“Match the strengths of the flavors. A really softly flavored wine will appear weak if it’s paired with an intensely flavored dish. Oily foods do effectively with slightly acidic wines. The richness of the food softens the acidity.”
She has other guidance for wine drinkers as nicely, “Acidic foods need to have a mild acid influence — fish with a lemon sauce requires a slightly acidic white wine and one thing tomato based goes well with a slightly acidic red wine.
“Rich, creamy sauces need a wine with weight and light sauces want a lighter wine.”
Pahrump Valley  Winery won 38 awards in 2012 and 20 so far this year.


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