Matching funds for indigent nursing home care spent

TONOPAH — A county fund that pays for the institutional care of the medically indigent has been utilised up in the initial quarter alone, Nye County Director of Overall health and Human Services Shirley Trummell told commissioners Tuesday.

Below the system, the state pays 100 % of the price of individuals in skilled nursing houses who have incomes beneath 142 % of the spend for supplemental security income SSI . The county and state split half the price of patients in the variety of 142 to 300 %, even though the county pays all the bill for patients who have incomes above 300 %. Trummell mentioned the county has practically never ever had a case exactly where it had to pay for 100 % of a patient’s care.

The system was lately expanded to allow coverage for individuals getting home well being care help that would be eligible for a nursing home.

Trummell stated the system is at the moment paying a portion of the expense for 28 sufferers in skilled nursing properties and 22 that the county is now required to fund who receive care at home, at a a lot decreased price.

Asked whether or not there’s a concern any of these individuals could shed care, Trummell told the Pahrump Valley Occasions, “I feel there is most likely a concern.”

Trummell plans to make contact with other counties to see what happens now. The state hasn’t responded to Nye County yet, she said there is nonetheless time to operate via a solution.

Commissioners were reluctant to sign an agreement following Trummell failed to give them a recommendation to approve a contract with the Nevada Division of Overall health Care Financing and Policy and the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services that could put them on the hook for $ 800,000 to $ 900,000 annually. The anticipated county payment for the second quarter is $ 388,000, she stated.

Commissioners postponed any action.

Trummell stated she was told by Deputy District Attorney Marla Zlotek if a single county does not sign the agreement, it will not be very good for any of the Nevada counties and the federal government won’t continue funding it. But if the county signs, it will be obligated to spend if they have the income for not.

Final year Trummell sent a letter to Nevada Health Director Michael Willden stating Nye County was unable to spend $ 126,399.

The funds are generated by a devoted home tax rate. District Attorney Brian Kunzi mentioned generally when the funds generated by that tax rate are depleted, the county does not have an obligation to spend. The difficulty is with the federal grant.

“We have been advised if we don’t do it the whole state is at risk of losing all the federal funds. But secondly, there is a 180-day termination clause,” Kunzi stated.

That signifies Nye County will nevertheless get a bill for some quarterly payments this year from the state.

Commissioner Dan Schinhofen wondered if the funding was mandated by state law Kunzi said the county does not have to participate in the plan.

“The state’s asking concerns as to whether or not or not we got the correct tax price from these funds,” Kunzi said.

County Manager Pam Webster stated a bill currently in the state Legislature would demand audits to guarantee counties are appropriately identifying the funds and have utilised them to pay the bills.

Commissioner Lorinda Wichman stated at meetings of the Nevada Association of Counties other county officials talked about withdrawing their support for the program.

Schinhofen asked if the county doesn’t spend any other indigent bills beneath this plan this year, would they not be on the hook for a lot more funds. Webster mentioned he was correct.

Commissioner Frank Carbone said, “what takes place to the men and women who are becoming taken care of by these funds? What takes place to them?”

Trummell mentioned she didn’t know that answer. The state 1st has to qualify sufferers for help who are in that 142 percent to 300 % income category.

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