Local attorney taking steps to avoid COVID-19

Selwyn Harris / Pahrump Valley Times
Attorney Carl M. Joerger is literally taking social distancing seriously in his Pahrump law firm. Joerger used a tape measure to mark 72 inches, or about six feet, when doing business with clients, in the wake of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Lysol is also a popular tool in Joerger’s antivirus arsenal. Although fears and concerns about the COVID-19 virus have forced many local business operations to stop, wheels of justice continue to roll for local attorney Carl M. Joerger.
Specializing in numerous critical areas of the law, Joerger, a “cleaning fanatic,” he admitted to himself, has devised a unique method of doing business with his clients in a safer environment, to avoid the potential of contracting and spread the virus in your home. 1231 E. Basin Ave. location.
“Before the governor issued his directive, we have all made efforts to clean all the tables, but we have simply taken it one level,” he said. “After someone leaves, the door and bathroom handles are disinfected. Every time someone enters, it is clean and when they leave, it is clean for the next group of people to enter. Lysol everything here, and we also use Lysol wipes. For starters, we were always clean fans. ”
For the public good
As a result of Governor Steve Sisolak’s directive for all non-core businesses to stop operating, Joerger said many people who are out of work will have a hard time making ends meet, especially when it comes to paying rent.
He noted that his law firm will likely handle the Pro Bono problem.
“If you are being evicted or someone is really trying to take over your property in a district court, we will do those pro bono, so with regard to eviction cases, our policy is pro bono on eviction defense,” said. “We did pro bono cases in the past during the financial crisis, so defensive eviction cases will be pro bono. They stopped the eviction cases in Las Vegas, but have not stopped them here, so we are offering defense to the eviction cases. If someone is trying to evict you, we can go to court and arrest you. We can take you here and file the affidavit for the tenant, get a hearing, and stop the eviction in the future. However, if you are an owner, you have to hire us. ”
As usual
Furthermore, this week’s closure of the District and Justice Courts has not affected the business side of Joerger’s practice.
“I have a regular custody matter that will come up in late March and the court has ordered all of us to appear by phone, and that is fine,” he said. “We will have our client here where we can do everything related to telephony. Emergency cases such as abuse, neglect and eviction cases are important and have to be followed up, as well as emergency custody orders, to prevent a parent from kidnapping the child. Those are priorities for the court, and also for us. We have a full-time staff and we are ready to go. ”
Shaking off handshakes
After practicing law full time for over 25 years, 17 of which have been in Pahrump, Joerger has shaken countless hands of clients, defendants, and colleagues.
Currently, he said he no longer participates in the greeting ritual.
“We are not doing the precautionary handshake thing,” he said. “We stopped that before the governor’s statement. My staff caught me because of that because I like to shake hands with people, but a couple of weeks ago my staff told me I had to stop shaking hands with people. ”
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