Front Sight Resort Zoning Approved Near Pahrump Nevada

Plans for a Front Sight destination resort and master planned community were approved by Nye County commissioners Wednesday.

Commissioners will have another chance to review the project when the development agreement comes up.

Included in the approval were a master plan amendment; a zone change converting 358 acres from open use to mixed use and 20 acres to general commercial; a tentative subdivision map showing 344 lots and 44 common-element lots and conditional use permits for a 20-acre hotel, restaurant and convention facility and a 16-acre recreational vehicle park.

“This is a resort development. It’s not expected to be a living community where people actually live there. It’s for vacations and business, specifically for the martial arts training,” said Dave Richards, a consultant with CivilWise Services.

The only questions concerned the availability of water.

Richards told Commissioner Butch Borasky he sent him information by e-mail on the 520 acre feet of water rights Front Sight management holds, enough to service the plan. Borasky indicated he didn’t have a chance to review the water rights information before the vote, but was content commissioners will study the application further with the development agreement.

“We will be servicing the site with public water and sewer. We will be conducting interviews with the three utilities in this community,” Richards said. “Otherwise we will be going and approaching (the Public Utilities Commission) for a new utility there.”

Front Sight officials originally planned to build homes around the firearms academy, the same way homes are built around golf courses. The plan now is to have time share condominiums for members to use for two weeks, while they train at the firearms institute.

Richards said the organization has 8,000 members, a membership that’s growing rapidly.

“The proposed development has gained the praises of the membership. The membership is one of the driving forces behind this development,” Richards said.

Front Sight officials have a commitment for a 100-room hotel, which can be expanded to 400 rooms, he said. The RV park would have 280 spaces, according to the plans, with room for large, luxury RVs as well as smaller ones.

The plans also include an area for future expansion of the firearms training facility. Some one-acre home sites are drawn in the plans around the western perimeter of the 438 acres.

Some parts of the site have drainage problems, and those areas will be left in their natural state, Richards said.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is in the southernmost part of the Pahrump Regional Planning District and is surrounded by property under the control of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Access is via a road built by Front Sight Management off the Tecopa highway.

A letter from CivilWise Services states the rezoning addresses an inequity, in that the property was master planned for mixed use in the 2003 master plan, but rezoned open use in the comprehensive zoning ordinance passed last June.

On-site facilities would be constructed for the fire and rescue and the sheriff’s departments as part of the development agreement.

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