Ford Fiesta may possibly be modest but is built for great economy savings, safety

The 2014 Ford Fiesta is constructed for economy and safety, as its fuel-efficient engines and seven standard air bags demonstrate.

The air bags knee air bags in front of each passenger and driver seats, which maintain passengers from sliding beneath the dashboard. The car also has a rigid security cage made from ultra-higher-strength boron steel, and the side-effect protection is exceptional, Friendly Ford sales agent Don Fiscus says.

“It’s really technologically sophisticated,” Fiscus said. “The architecture of the car aids divert crash forces away from the occupants. The Fiesta is just a great choice for security when speaking of a little vehicle.”

He was so impressed by the package that he aimed his daughter toward the vehicle when she was seeking for a new automobile. “Kelly has a young son, 4 years old, and I wanted to make particular that they were getting a protected automobile,” Fiscus said.

The Fiesta has three diverse engines obtainable, all of which provide superb fuel mileage.

The a single-liter, three-cylinder EcoBoost engine gives up to 43 miles to the gallon on the highway whilst creating 123 horsepower. The 1.six liter Ti-Vct in-line four-cylinder gets 37 miles to the gallon with 120 horsepower. And a 1.six liter EcoBoost generates 197 horsepower while offering 35 mpg.

“Ford certainly did its homework with the Fiesta,” Fiscus stated. “I came to Ford since of its commitment to good quality — along with the reality that the company didn’t take a bailout when the economy went into the tank in 2007 and 2008. I believe in Ford and its solution and that is evident by the reality that I advocate it to family members as effectively as close friends.”

Friendly Ford, 660 N. Decatur Blvd., has been in enterprise for far more than 44 years. For specifics, contact 702-870-7221 or go to

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