Finlinson a no-show as officials criticize quarterly reports


TONOPAH — Quarterly reports have been presented to Nye County commissioners Wednesday by deputy public administrators, but they had been criticized as incomplete by at least one particular commissioner.

Falkon Finlinson, the Nye County public administrator who was elected in 2010, didn’t attend his deputies stated he was busy functioning.

Lately, commissioners passed a bill requiring the public administrator to submit quarterly reports with a list of all the estates becoming administered, the name of the decedent, date of death, date a file was opened, approximate gross value of the estate, a list of estates for which house was secured, a list of estates below investigation, money collected and money expended by the public administrator.

Former County Commissioner Joni Eastley last April questioned a lack of public administrator reports. At the time, Finlinson mentioned he was short- staffed.

The report for the fourth quarter of 2012 listed 11 instances nevertheless open, one of them involved a individual who died in December 2009, it mentioned only “status unclear at this time, deputy deceased.”

Five other open cases in the fourth quarter report were blamed on the death of deputy public administrator Helena “Micki” Gillespie who died June 22, 2012.

An additional case from a May possibly 2010 death, mentioned “final property just sold, will be closed in close to future.”

Other open cases stemmed from deaths in May possibly and October 2010, January, February, August, September and December 2011.

4 cases were closed in the fourth quarter, with costs collected ranging from $ 77 to $ 425 yet another six were closed in the third quarter 12 circumstances have been closed in the second quarter, one particular of which resulted in the collection of $ 853 in fees. Six have been supposedly closed in the 1st quarter of 2012.

Although most cases had no gross value listed of the estates, a few listed values of in between $ 20,000 and $ 65,000. The only estate Finlinson himself is listed as the executor of is the Gary Timmerman estate, valued at $ 600,000.

“There’s a lot of open products on this they’ll never be capable to comprehensive. How do we get to closure on these things?” Commissioner Frank Carbone asked.

Robin Durand-Rudolf stated she decided to continue as deputy public administrator as of the finish of January to aid deputy public administrator Charlene Riley. Durand-Rudolf was a deputy under former public administrator Bob Jones and ran for the position, but was defeated in the 2010 Democratic primary by Donna Jokinen 1,305 to 990. Finlinson, a member of the Independent American Party, then won the 2010 general election, six,755 votes to six,469, a thin margin of 51.08 percent to 48.9 percent.

“Basically the workplace has been dysfunctional for some time,” Durand- Rudolf mentioned. “A lot of the difficulties and a lot of the problems you see on these reports is the truth there was no employees to do the work. That has changed now.”

Riley said this week a petition was authorized by Fifth District Judge Robert Lane appointing Finlinson as the administrator on all of Gillespie’s circumstances so they can move forward.

“Is there some type of a closure plan that shows when you’ll have these items total?” Carbone asked.

“Most of the situations are quite close to getting total, but it’s going to take time to pour over inches and inches and inches of files to see where they were at. But they are becoming worked on and I’ll be just as happy as all of you when they’re taken care of and closed,” Riley said.

The Timmerman case is close to getting accomplished, there’s 1 much more house that requirements to be sold, then distribution can be created to the heirs, Riley said. The estate of Melody Pyle, who died in February 2011, is finished, she stated. For the estate of Mary Leach, who died in January 2011, the public administrator’s workplace is awaiting an Internal Revenue Service return, Riley stated.

“Now that we’re back in there and have some more aid, we’re working as hard as we can to get them settled and get them closed,” Riley mentioned.

Carbone desires an additional report in a month, although County Manager Pam Webster said the reports are only due quarterly.

Riley told Commission Chairman Butch Borasky that closing a case depends on the size of the estate. A little estate that needs promoting individual property and closing some bank accounts can be carried out swiftly. It requires two months to file probate to get a court hearing, she said, which delays items. On bigger estates it can take six months to a year, Riley said.

“Sometimes we really feel our hands are tied,” Durand-Rudolf stated. “I have 5 pistols, 3 shotguns, knives, valuables, I have no location to secure these properties. An elderly woman that required to come into our office last week, we almost physically required to carry her up our actions. It is not handicapped accessible. Those factors are a concern to me.”

She mentioned the public administrator works out of a single-wide trailer at 250 N. Highway 160.

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