Federal strategy to bury nuke waste in Nevada drawing fire

Produced Nov. 14, 2013

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Federal plans to truck radioactive material from a Planet War II-era plant in Tennessee to Nevada for burial are renewing a long-fought battle to stop the Silver State from becoming the nation’s nuclear dumping ground.

Power Department officials are telling residents at town hall meetings in Las Vegas and rural Pahrump that the state doesn’t have authority to stop shipments of uranium waste from Oak Ridge, Tenn., to the Nevada National Security Site north of Las Vegas.

Project administrators said Wednesday that a 1st truck is loaded and shipments could commence beneath armed guard in January.

They call the material low-level nuclear waste, and say moving it is a national security concern.

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval says it’s premature to say no matter whether the state will sue to block the shipments.

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