Family members of man killed by drunk driver questions misdemeanor charge

Las Vegas, NV — Family members of the man hit and killed even though walking along Lamb Boulevard near Alto Avenue are calling for justice.

The driver that took the life of 30-year-old Christopher Wyatt was only given a misdemeanor for the crash, even though he was drunk. 

It was dark and rainy the night of Dec. four and the pedestrian, Wyatt, was wearing dark clothes. Police said the driver couldn’t see him, and simply because of that the DUI was not the trigger of the crash. Regardless, he was over the legal limit to drive and Wyatt’s family believes he is not getting held accountable.

“It’s tough to bite it. That’s all I can tell you, its difficult to bite it,” mentioned Kenneth Thomas, Wyatt’s father.

Thomas and the rest of his family members nevertheless cannot realize why the man responsible for Wyatt’s death, Nicholas Brooks, only got a misdemeanor for the DUI crash.

Brooks, whose criminal history spans 20 years of arrests for drugs, being under the influence, and firearms crimes, ended that evening with just a misdemeanor following police mentioned the DUI was just a contributing aspect, not the causation of the crash.

The evening of his death detectives told Action News Wyatt contributed to the accident simply because he was not in a marked crosswalk, but there is no crosswalk along Lamb near Alto. In truth, there is not even a sidewalk, and the area has no streetlights or safe spot for a person to travel.

Now, Wyatt’s family members is struggling to realize how Wyatt could have far better protected himself in a location where there’s no safety infrastructure. They also wrestle with how to inform Wyatt’s 5 young youngsters, now fatherless, that the man who killed their Dad didn’t get the harshest attainable charge.

“What does this guy have down at the police station that he can get a pass like that? He can run more than somebody below the influence of alcohol then get factors that he can do it?” Thomas asked.

“We have to be his voice. His mother’s right here with a broken heart. She has hardship that she has to carry now. He left behind five children at Christmas, I believe that there need to be some answers, some accountability,” stated Wyatt’s aunt, Addie McFarling.

Action News did attain out to the District Attorney’s Office for comment but we had been not able to connect with them.

The family hopes city officials get involved to much better safeguard pedestrians in the future.

A candlelight vigil will be held at the scene of the crash Friday at 4 p.m.

The family members is also struggling to bury their son whose physique is still in the morgue. They’re asking that any donations be sent straight to Heritage Mortuary, positioned at 3610 North Rancho Drive.

The account for Wyatt’s burial is listed beneath Christopher Lawrence Wyatt Thomas.

1 thought on “Family members of man killed by drunk driver questions misdemeanor charge”

  1. Marchelle Hicks

    I knew Chris and he’s a very nice kind young man and I think also even though some time has passed I haven’t heard any more news updated news about the situation I feel that is totally unfair and definitely not cool with this guy could get a slap on the hand and be set free Christopher kids have to live their life without their dad I’m not sure if mr. Brooke have kids or not but I’m pretty sure he has family somewhere there still gets to see him and gets to talk to him so I feel like it would have been somebody in the African-American situation and shoe was on the other foot things would have been way different and that’s a proven fact that goes on with all the African American’s that find themselves facing the law nowadays. so my question is still to this day why no answers yet no justice have been done in this situation that I feel that was even fair or right

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