FROM THE EDITOR: Excellent speech doesn’t mean finish to GOP obstruction

The president’s state of the union address lived up to its billing, sort of.

The GOP’s response, panned by practically each key media outlet in the nation, left a lot to be preferred.

In reality, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s sweaty retort was so lacking in any depth that it very possibly created President Obama look twice as excellent as he truly was. So is today’s GOP, a shell of its former self, a sell-out celebration stuck in between a CEO’s gold brick and a bunch of tea bagger tough heads.

This does not bode nicely for the nation. In a two-celebration system, competent individuals from each sides of the aisle are needed to engage in sensible debate, come up with fruitful compromise in order for something, something, to get carried out. When 1 side takes its cues from a mentally deranged fringe, the other side has no a single it can actually intelligently speak to, therefore the gridlock. And Democrats are wimps in the face of insanity, prone to caving in at the slightest GOP-generated sound byte, when in fact Dems should be cramming their agenda proper down the throats of the vanquished Republicans at each and every turn, just as the GOP did when a specific special an individual from Texas took the reins in 2000.

As well considerably to ask, the victorious to lead, I guess.

Regardless of President Obama’s disappointingly conciliatory bipartisan tone bipartisanship worked real effectively the 1st go-round, now didn’t it? , regardless of his wonderfully progressive concepts for the next 4 years, I bet my bottom dollar not a semblance of what he wishes to accomplish will get completed. How sad. Till Democrats control each homes of Congress, Obama’s agenda will be watered down and practically tasteless if it ever does get out of House committees.

However, we little individuals will endure much more of the very same.

Our economy, gradually recovering as it is, will nonetheless be vulnerable to the excesses of Wall Street greed since of the gutlessness of leaders to enact actual reform — what a comprehensive and utter failure is Obama’s technique to assist property owners facing foreclosure 5 years soon after the housing bubble burst, for instance. And, of course, you can draw a straight line from gutless banking regulation right to the failure to repair the truckloads of money being pumped each election into the political approach. How can you govern efficiently if you can’t see above the pile of cash getting doled out by the very people that desperately want governing?

Obama’s rhetoric on minimum wage and the middle class and CEO spend rang hollow Tuesday night, too, when in truth his own rubber stamped Treasury nominee, Jack Lew, is nothing at all much more than however another cardboard cut-out front man for Wall Street who probably helped raise tons of financial sector cash to get his boss Obama elected in November, hence the plum job, left by Tim Geithner, himself a Wall Street proxy man, who replaced another, who replaced one more, who replaced another, et cetera, et cetera.

It’s tough for me to swallow the hypocrisy of the president’s choice at Treasury. He picks a man who engaged in the identical tax haven shenanigans as Mitt Romney, who Obama attacked more than and over for his offshore income hiding techniques?

Boggles the mind. Washington, D.C. is genuinely broken when Republicans, straight-faced for the duration of his confirmation hearing, rail against the former Citibankster Lew for taking a $ 1 million bonus whilst his bank was failing so badly it needed a bailout of historic proportions. Washington, D.C. is really broken when Democrats, also straight-faced, defend the man against said attacks, when they engaged in related soirees just 4 months ago against the other side. Speak about an acid trip. Far more like a whitewash. Lew will get in like greased lightning.

Amongst the high points of Obama’s state of the union were his contact for a gun manage vote and his call for a better, more safe future for the middle class, though both have an icicle’s opportunity in hell of being enacted with any meaning.

I agree guns need to be far more tightly regulated. As well many whackjobs have access to as well a lot firepower and as well little education in my humble opinion. There must be a vote. Too many individuals are dying in our streets for the country’s leaders not to do something. And for the fringe to bark about their rights in the face of so several dead kids, sorry, you lost most of us, you’ve currently lost the debate before it is even begun.

Less barking, far more compromising, and you may actually preserve your guns and make the nation safer in the meantime. How good would that be?

Tying the minimum wage to the actual price of living is yet another good notion that I was glad to see the president address. Nevertheless, it is a grandiose notion that corporate America will surely spend billions attempting to defeat — how ironic, CEOs will not pay a living wage but have no difficulty lining the pockets of some revolving door lobbyist in order to make sure your neighbors keep poorer.

Nine dollars is what Obama and business may quickly ask for. Nine dollars an hour. Fast food joints and Walmart will most most likely lead the charge against such an egregious assault on free market place capitalism. Of course, if the minimum wage had been tied to actual increases in worker productivity over the last few decades versus the expense of living, one particular recent study suggests that wage would have risen to over $ 21 an hour last year. Evaluate that to $ 9 an hour. One is a true wage, with a genuine life assured the other implies you will nevertheless, in spite of the president’s socialist largesse, be living with your mama.

Karl Marx figured out the secret in the late 19th century. He published it in a genuinely difficult book named “Capital,” or Das Kapital, if you prefer. See, capitalists don’t earn their wealth off the value of their items. It’s the value of labor, that is exactly where the gold is mined — preserve the value of labor low and the world is your oyster. Why does Nike make footwear in China, no, Vietnam, no, Bangladesh? Low cost labor. Why are manufacturing jobs leaving the U.S.? Inexpensive labor. What is the quantity one expense for business in America? Labor. So maintaining it inexpensive is a capitalist’s quantity a single priority.

Why are all of the jobs getting created for the duration of this puny recovery — lest you know, this is the longest and most sluggish financial recovery in U.S. history — rapidly food and minimum wage jobs? Low cost labor is where the money is.

Do not vilify Marx the wingnuts are beginning to growl currently , he just pointed it out over one hundred years ago, that’s all. The president, oh so careful not to sound also Marxist, and even his Republican opponents, who turn their noses up at such speak, know in their hearts that this nation is sunk with no very good jobs that spend great wages.

But $ 9 an hour isn’t what anybody need to take into account excellent enough. We can do greater, but I fear greed and gridlock will continue regardless of Obama’s type words.

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