Dirty Dining: Cafe Verdi West shutdown by health district

Las Vegas, NV — How bad does a restaurant have to be to get shut down for good?

Many of you have asked why restaurants that are shutdown are allowed to reopen. Well, here’s one that will never be back in business.

Cafe Verdi West was shut down by health inspectors after they said enough is enough.

The pizzeria was first on Dirty Dining six months ago as an imminent health hazard when it was infested with cockroaches.

On March 13, the South Valley View eatery was shut down with 42 demerits for gross, unsanitary conditions. That failed inspection was the last straw for the health district.

They saw an employee handle fully cooked hamburgers with bare hands. Ham, lasagna, raw chicken and ground beef had to be thrown out due to unsafe temperatures.

Utensils were stored in stagnant, soiled water. The can opener blade, cheese shredder, slicer and large mixing bowl all had hardened food debris on them from the day before.

The health district recently sent Cafe Verdi West a letter warning the owner that if he got a C grade or closure within 12 months, his restaurant would be immediately shut down and the permit suspended pending revocation.

The letter cites “an ongoing pattern of noncompliance with basic food safety as well as health district regulations.”

It reads, “The Health District can no longer allow your facility to operate in a way that endangers public health.”

Cafe Verdi West’s health permit is permanently revoked. The owner cannot operate or work at a food establishment at that address in the future.

We’ve got four imminent health hazard closures to talk about, starting with Albertson’s on Flamingo and Maryland Parkway. Inspectors arrived there on March 10 to examine an “illicit discharge of sewage” from the grease trap.

They found sewage flowing through the parking lot. Store management told them it had been an issue for five days and customers were tracking sewage into the store on their shoes.

The entire store was closed for not properly disposing of waste and disregarding public health and safety.

Sunset Grill on Valley View and Post Road was shut down for lack of adequate refrigeration. Because of that, nearly everything in the restaurant’s kitchen had to be thrown away.

Inspectors also found dirty conditions, containers of easy eggs that had expired in February and a rainbow of mold in the ice machine.

Sababa, a kosher restaurant on South Durango, and Little Italy Pizza on Valley View and Twain were both shutdown for no hot water.

It’s rare for the health district to shut a restaurant down for good. That happened just once in 2014 when Lee’s Buffet lost its health permit in July.

Cafe Verdi West is the first revocation of 2015.

As for all the imminent hazard closures in this report, they’ve been reinspected and are back to zero-demerit A grades.

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