Defense investigating drug claims in Meyers murder case

Las Vegas, NV — There are breaking new details tonight in the murder case of local mom Tammy Meyers.

In an exclusive interview with Action News, Erich Nowsch’s attorneys tell us they are investigating whether Erich Nowsch, Meyers’ suspected killer, was working as a drug dealer, and if the whole thing could have stemmed from a deal gone sour. 

19-year-old Nowsch, behind bars charged with Meyers’ murder, might have been defending himself in a drug deal gone wrong. That’s according to Nowsch’s attorneys, Conrad and Augustus Claus. It’s a new revelation in the case they were first looking at for a self defense argument.


“All possibilities are being investigated at this point because again, you’re dealing with a 19-year-old boy, and I’ll leave it at that,” Augustus Claus said.

If Nowsch, just 5′ 3″, very slim build, and relatively little experience with weapons, shot Meyers in the head from a moving vehicle in the dark, why did he do it? The Claus brothers are trying to figure that out, but say they haven’t been able to get much out of Nowsch.

“Again, there are a lot of holes here,” Augustus Claus said.

The attorney team is investigating those ‘holes’, including what kind of relationship Tammy Meyers had with her accused killer.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson admitted there was talk of drugs and drug use, but said right now the focus is a conviction. “Our focus is on the defendant and proving his guilt at this point,” Wolfson told reporters after Nowsch’s first court appearance Monday.

But Nowsch’s attorneys say they’re investigating claims from witnesses that Meyers and Nowsch dealt prescription pills, and the shooting could have stemmed from a drug deal gone wrong. 

“This is a very busy period right now and something new is going to be coming out just about every day,” Augustus Claus said.

In the meantime, the Claus brothers are digging into Nowsch’s past, revealing he suffered a skull fracture as a baby that at one point resulted in a felony child abuse charge for his father. It could have legal implications if the DA does pursue this as a death penalty case.

Police last stated that Nowsch was the shooter in Meyers’ death. They are still searching for the second suspect in the case.

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