Dead fish perplex residents in northwest neighborhood

Las Vegas, NV — Residents of the Desert Shores community are used to looking out their back doors over Lake Jacqueline and seeing beautiful birds and other wildlife.

But recently they say they’ve spotted a disturbing and mysterious change.

“There was old ones and young one and big ones and small ones,” Daniel Bryan said.

What he is talking about is the dozens of dead fish he and other neighbors have seen while out enjoying the lake.

“We picked up over three dozen in the boat. We couldn’t take anymore,” Sharon Rennie said.

Those who live on the lake and spend a lot of time out on the water say in a normal year they see four to five dead fish, but say it was a different story Thursday.

“There were 50 dead fish at the east end of the lake, where the ramp is. I’ve lived here seven years. I have never seen anything like that,” Bryan said.

Management at the Desert Shores Community Association directed us to a statement on their website:

“With regard to the dead fish in Lake Jacqueline, Desert Shores Community Association takes the issue very seriously. In most cases it is a result of natural causes and is temporary. It is important to understand that this does happen from time to time in any environment such as Desert Shores or any lake community. We have had this type of incident occur previously in Desert Shores. Very rarely is it caused from something other than natural causes, however, the Association considers all possibilities and will react according to the results from the experts. 

DSCA has reached out to the experts in the field, i.e. Nevada Department of Wildlife as well as our lake management company. Nevada Department of Wildlife has tested the water and other tests are being run for parasites although none were found in the bass that were tested.  We await those test results and will continue to post updates on this website. DSCA has hired Western Exterminators to come out on Saturday to retrieve the dead fish in the middle of the lake.”

When Action News reached out to the Division of Wildlife, a spokesperson said their biologist found extremely low oxygen levels in the lake while performing tests and was planning to forward those results to the association on Monday.

Residents are just hopeful changes are on the way.

“It has to be fixed. They have to do something,” Rennie said.

The Desert Shores Community Association says crews will be out to remove the dead fish Saturday.

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