BREAKING: Robbins gets 22 years to life in prison

Daniel Robbins stands just before Judge Robert Lane Monday in District Court to hear his sentence for shooting to death 21-year-old Chris Mundy in August 2011. Lane handed down a 22 years to life sentence.

Feelings ran high in District Court in Pahrump as a judge handed down a hefty sentence to a man convicted of killing his daughter’s boyfriend in 2011.

Daniel Robbins, 47, was convicted of second degree murder amongst other severe felony charges in November.

During Monday’s sentencing hearing, District Court Judge Robert Lane gave the man 10 years to life on the second degree murder charge, a sentence of eight to 20 years for employing a gun, and four to 10 years for battery with a deadly weapon, all to run consecutive to one yet another. Two other sentences, one particular to 4 years every single, will run concurrent, which means at the identical time as the other sentences. Robbins was provided credit for 572 days currently served in the county jail.

Robbins will most likely spend at least 22 years behind bars for shooting and killing Chris Mundy, a 21-year-old man who was dating a single of Robbins’ daughters at the time of the Aug. 18, 2011 incident. Robbins was also punished for injuring a then-14-year-old boy named Pablo Flores, who was with Mundy the evening of the shooting.

A cadre of Nye County Sheriff’s deputies were in the courtroom to keep handle over the crowd that showed up to watch the hearing. Loved ones members on each sides openly wept as both defense and prosecuting attorneys delivered their recommendations to Lane.

The hearing opened with Lane denying a defense motion for a new trial. Defense attorney Arnold Weinstock argued for the minimum sentence in the case — 10 to 25 years — saying that Robbins had no criminal history and that Mundy provoked the attack by displaying up at Robbins’ Pahrump home in the middle of the night following getting warned to remain away.

“It wasn’t a predicament where Mr. Robbins went out seeking for someone to hurt,” Weinstock argued. “It all could have been avoided if Mr. Mundy had not shown up.”

County prosecutor Tierra Jones argued the opposite, saying the tragedy could have been avoided had Robbins basically not gone outside with a loaded gun and confronted the young man, possibly deciding on to call the police instead. She stated Robbins’ reckless behavior cried out for punishment.

“Judge, he hasn’t even shown remorse for what he did,” she told the court.

Robbins read a statement prior to he was sentenced. He thanked his loved ones and buddies for standing by him — a lot more than 30 individuals sent letters of help on his behalf to the court. He also mentioned he regretted the tragedy and the pain it has caused his family.

Before handing down the sentence, Lane told Robbins that he thought the man’s behavior was “outrageous.”

“I have to concur with the state that society needs to know this won’t be tolerated,” he said. “I sat by means of the trial and know the jury created the right choice.”

After the sentencing, Dan Winder, another of Robbins’ defense attorneys, stated he was disappointed with the harsh sentence. Robbins is attractive his conviction.

“I just hope someday quickly he will be a free man again,” Winder stated.

Look for far more complete coverage of Robbins’ sentencing hearing in Wednesday’s Pahrump Valley Instances.

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  1. Chris was a co worker and a really great guy. He had dreams of becoming a nurse. God bless his soul and his family. I pray for the Robbins family as I knew there daughter. Chris and her met at my job and fell hard for each other. Chris did nothing wrong. He only wanted to collect his girlfriend s belongings.

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