Autopsy report reveals details of BLM fatal shooting

Las Vegas, NV — More than a year after 20-year-old D’Andre Berghardt was shot and killed by Bureau of Land Management officers at Red Rock Canyon, his family still doesn’t have any answers as to why.

However, in the autopsy report Action News obtained, we’re seeing the first accounts of what happened.

D’Andre Berghardt’s body had 7 bullet holes, 3 broken ribs, a shattered pelvis, and a broken arm when he was examined by the Clark County Coroner after being shot dead by BLM officers after an apparent altercation with BLM and Nevada Highway Patrol troopers.

It was all caught on video first obtained by the Review Journal; Berghardt, now known to be unarmed, is seen being beaten, tased, and pepper sprayed before he is shot. No law enforcement agency has ever given answers as to why it all went down.

The autopsy report obtained by Action News shows the results of the Metro Police Department’s preliminary investigation, saying it began when the “BLM received reports of a male battering a female cyclist.” They say that man took off running, and “failed to listen to commands to keep his hands up” before officers tased him, then “pepper sprayed him, began hitting him in the back of the head with a baton, and tased him again”. 

Video shows those officers failed to handcuff Berghardt, having him on the ground twice before he finally runs into an NHP trooper’s car to escape. That’s when officers say he reached for the NHP trooper’s safety-locked AR-15. BLM officers shot, but NHP troopers did not.

Jacob Hafter, the family’s attorney, has been trying to put a stop to the excessive force review Metro Police are heading up, saying the FBI should really be doing the investigation.

Hafter says that’s because only the FBI, not the District Attorney, has the authority to prosecute the federal BLM agents. “The DA doesn’t have jurisdiction. He’s stepping over the limits here, at taxpayer expense. Basically, the community has failed the Berghardts,” Hafter said. 

Action News previously reported some government officials claimed Berghardt was acting with superhuman strength and could not be subdued at the time of the shooting; the toxicology report further revealed the only drug in Berghard’s system was marijuana.

Despite an emergency motion to the Supreme Court, the Police Fatality Review is still set for Monday morning at 9:00 AM.

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