Arizona kidnap suspect may be headed to Las Vegas

Kingman, AZ — Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies say a man who kidnapped his ex-girlfriend from her Phoenix area home may be headed to Las Vegas after the woman escaped.

Investigators say she was able to pass a hand written note to a woman in the bathroom of a truck stop.

That woman called police and they say Arnulfo Delatorre took off, and the woman was treated for minor injuries.

Deputies say Delatorre kidnapped the woman at knifepoint from her apartment in Phoenix.

He reportedly forced her into her own car and took her back to his home.

It’s there that investigators say he sexually assaulted her, before putting her back in the car and heading for Las Vegas.

Deputies say the car ran out of gas about 20 miles outside Kingman, AZ on Interstate 40.

The woman said they caught a ride to the truck stop in Kingman, but she was afraid to speak up to the truck driver because Delatorre had threatened to kill her family.

She said once inside the bathroom she was able to pass the note to the woman asking for help.

Deputies are asking anyone with information about Delatorre to call the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office at (928) 753-0753. 

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