Action News gets results for couple struggling with furniture company

Las Vegas, NV — One of the biggest complaints we get at Action News involves major purchases that never make it to the front door.

One local couple bought thousands of dollars worth of new furniture but never saw it delivered. That’s when they reached out to Contact 13’s Call for Action volunteers for help.

“Over the Christmas holiday, the couch broke. It was just an old, old couch,” said Steve Douglas.

It’s been years since Steve and Lori Douglas bought new furniture, so they decided to go shopping just before the new year.

“We found the perfect stuff. Perfect living room and kitchen stuff,” Lori explained.

Their order included an entertainment center, sofa and recliner, plus a table and chairs. Steve and Lori paid a $ 655 deposit, with the remaining $ 3,000 balance put on store credit.

Delivery would take 7 to 10 days.

“After 10 days you give them a call and well, we’re still waiting. We might have one piece in a couple days,” said Steve.

But days went by with no update. Lori was constantly on the phone, “I’ve had to call you guys multiple, multiple times. You have never picked up the phone and called me.”

The store said they were still waiting for some furniture. After waiting a couple weeks, a delivery date was finally set, but Steve said they never made it.

“The truck breaks down. So now we can’t get our stuff.”

Delivery was set for the very next day, and they actually showed up this time, but Steve said the very first thing he saw come off the truck was a broken entertainment center.

“So I told those guys, I don’t want anything.”

They called the store to complain, but the person they had to talk to wasn’t there.

“Waiting for somebody to call back was when I discovered online, that they had already charged the credit line the day before,” Lori said.

Meaning, the outstanding $ 3,000 balance was now due, and they still didn’t have their furniture.

“You reach a point where you can’t scream any more. You’re ready to cry, but that’s not going to do any good either,” Lori said.

Steve and Lori then reached out to Contact 13’s Call for Action. Our volunteers made a call, and the store agreed to cancel the order and issue a refund.

“It was seriously within hours, it was already taken care of that night,” said Lori.

“I was shocked with the quickness of it. It was really amazing how quick the turn around was,” Steve added.

Here’s the Contact 13 bottom line: When making any large purchase, always be completely clear on the time-frame for delivery. If you need some sort of guarantee, then get it in writing.

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